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[30/35]  COMMUNICATION SCIENCE [35/00 - Ord. 2014]  PERCORSO COMUNE 6 30


The course aims to introduce students to the Spanish language by allowing them to reach an A2 CEFR level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). At this level, the student is able to understand sentences and every day frequently used expressions which are generally needed to communicate in simple situations of the everyday life, and which require a simple exchange of information on familiar and common topics. He/she can describe in simple terms aspects of his/her own background, immediate environment and matters of immediate need.


Previous knowledge of Spanish is not required.


Grammatical Contents.- In order to achieve the previously explained objectives, the following grammatical contents will be addressed during this course: verb tenses (present of indicative, future, present perfect and past simple); impersonal and modal verbs (have to, can, will); interrogative expressions, ordinal and cardinal numerals; adjectives, the pronoun system; adverbs of manner, time and frequency; the comparative and superlative; the prepositions;
Lexical Contents.- The lexical contents addressed during this course will include: food and drinks, daily activities, hobbies, the weather, the seasons; jobs and professions, mass media, family, home; university life; work.

Teaching Methods

E-learning methodology.

Verification of learning

Continuous evaluation through the materials that can be found in the moodle platform, which include tests that the students are required to complete, and that will be evaluated depending on their frequency and time spent on them.
- Oral test.
Reading comprehension, and dialogues about the subjects dealt with during the course and the textbook Todas las voces. It will be assessed the ability to manage the language, the fluency, the acquisition of grammatical structures, the ability of communicative interaction, telling stories and the skills to link what they have learned with other similar subjects.


Campus Sur. A1-A2. Libro del alumno y Cuaderno de ejercicios. Editorial Difusión.
Libro del alumno_ISBN: 9788417249861
Cuaderno de ejercicios_ISBN: 9788417249908
Oral test (From 2020/2021) Textbook "Todas las voces. Curso de cultura y civilización A1-A2"
ISBN: 9788484437543 - Editorial Difusión

More Information

DELE Certifications (A2 level and above) will be recognized.

Students with special needs may benefit from a Disabled Office ( that certifies their difficulties in order to arrange individualized programs and can suggest specific learning method

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