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[30/35]  COMMUNICATION SCIENCE [35/00 - Ord. 2014]  PERCORSO COMUNE 3 30


The Writing Lab is designed to provide first-year students with the basic tools of writing, rewriting, and editing of texts. Several aspects of Italian language and grammar, as well as drafting by text editors will be discussed. An important focus will be the use of rules, sources, and tools.
Students will also be invited to reflect on the role of writing in times of new media communication and technology platforms and to investigate the potentials offered by the Italian language. The Lab provides 3 CFU and lasts 1 Semester.

To this end, the laboratory is divided into four aspects:

1. Writing: spelling, syntax, editing.
2. Using the text editors
3. Writing to be read: clarity, linearity, effectiveness.
4. Organization of texts, with particular reference to the content hierarchy and the argumentative structure.
5. Each channel its message: analysis of case studies (argumentative text, newspaper text, popular science, novel, short writings)

Ability to judge and improve texts and messages, both about correctness and appropriateness.

Ability to communicate in an effective way different kind of news through written texts.

Ability to extend the skills to a variety of media, included the new media.


No special requirements are necessary to successfully attend the course. However, it is desirable to have basic skills in reading comprehension and writing at the level required at the end of the high school.


Topics of the laboratory:
- Basics of writing: spelling, lexis, and punctuation.
- Use of the dictionary and text editors.
- Grammar: syntagmatic structure and syntactic trees.
- Analysis of case studies: email, summary, forum, etc.
- The argumentative text and its structure.
- Ask a question, writing hypotheses, results and their interpretation.
- Use of (web) sources and references.
- Methods for efficient writing.
- Planning the text and content's hierarchy.
- Writing on the web.

Teaching Methods

The course is jointly held with Prof. Gola in e-learning and is composed of 10 lectures in the classroom (2h each). At the end of each lecture, an exercise will be assigned and corrected by the professor/s. During the lecture, it will be required to read a text and carry on some related activities of analysis and comment.
Due to the sanitary situation, the lectures might be held online or made available online via the didactic platform.

Verification of learning

The evaluation will be done at the end of the lab. It consists of a multiple choice test (20 questions) and the writing of two texts. In order to access the final exam, the students must have handed in at least 70% of the exercises required during the lab.
Due to the sanitary situation, the exam might be held online via available online interactive platforms.


Study materials are composed of different elements that help in reinforcing the concepts and objectives of the course.
In the virtual learning platform students can find the multimedia packages that illustrate all the concepts proposed in the lab.
Suggested books are:
-Stefano Ballerio, Manuale di scrittura. Metodi e strumenti per una comunicazione efficace ed efficiente, Franco Angeli, 2016.
-Paola Italia, Debora Bennati, Milena Giuffrida, Scrivere all'Università II edizione, Mondadori, 2014.

More Information

The video recordings of face-to-face meetings and the slides and materials used will be provided In the lab online platform.
On the teaching platform, there will be a forum where students will be able to contact tutor/s, professor/s, and colleagues.
Furthermore, useful books will be suggested to improve writing skills.

Questionnaire and social

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