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[30/34]   EDUCATION STUDIES [34/00 - Ord. 2019]  PERCORSO COMUNE 6 30


A knowledge of the evolution of Sardinian institutions from 1323 to 1847, that is to say from the creation of the Regnum Sardiniae until the rule of the House of Savoy; the ability to use historical sources in the critical analysis of the key aspects of institutional developments during this period, which will be examined during the lessons.


Students will require a basic cultural background with particular regard to history and analytical skills acquired in their previous school education.


The course of 30 hours (6 University Credits) will examine the fundamental historical evolution of Sardinian Institutions, from the creation of the Catalan-Aragonese Regnum Sardiniae until the Fusion of 1847. A particular focus will be placed on public administrative institutions and how the Fusion of 1847 brought to an end the administrative system which had characterised Sardinia for centuries.

Teaching Methods


Verification of learning

An oral test aimed at assessing the analytical skills of the students, and, in particular, their ability to build a coherent picture of the historical period with an appropriate use of the specific terminology employed in dealing with the subject.


Adopted texts

M.Brigaglia, A.Mastino, G.G.Ortu (eds), Storia della Sardegna -Storie regionali-vol.4, chapters 1-4, Roma-Bari 2002.

A.Mattone, ‘Le istituzioni e le forme di governo’, in M. Guidetti (ed), Storia dei Sardi e della Sardegna, vol. III, Milano 1989;
C.Ferrante, ‘Le attribuzioni giudiziarie del governo viceregio: il reggente la Real cancelleria e la Reale udienza (secoli XVI-XVIII)’, in P.Merlin (ed), Governare un regno. Viceré, apparati burocratici e società nella Sardegna del Settecento, Roma 2005.
A.Mattone, E.Mura, La relazione del Reggente la Reale Cancelleria, il conte Filippo Domenico Beraudo di Pralormo sul governo del Regno di Sardegna (1731), in Diritto@Storia, n.9 2010;

G.Sorgia (ed), Premessa a La Sardegna nel 1848: la polemica sulla Fusione, Cagliari 1968.

During the lessons Le Carte Reali concerning feudal dissatisfactions will be examined, in G.Sorgia (ed), La Sardegna nel 1848: la polemica sulla Fusione, Cagliari 1968. The exam will be focused mainly on this content.

These texts are available in a photocopied file at TEMA SERVICE, via is Mirrionis 10.

More Information

Reception and councelling: after lessons or by appointment by e-mail at Alternatively meetings can be arranged on Microsoft Teams.

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