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[30/34]   EDUCATION STUDIES [34/00 - Ord. 2019]  PERCORSO COMUNE 12 60


The course aims to provide information on the design models, the design phases and the evaluation tools and methods. The course offers, in addition to the theoretical aspects of design, an operational approach through the analysis of projects in the educational field and individual and / or small group design activities.

The course intends to pursue the following training objectives:

Knowledge and understanding
- knowing the models and approaches of educational planning
- knowing the structure of an educational project and the instructionaland educational methodologies
- knowing the methods of ex ante, intermediate and ex post evaluation.

Applying knowledge
- knowing how to plan and evaluate an educational path
- be able to translate the different design approaches into operational terms

Communication skills
- knowing how to communicate the objectives, procedures, methodologies of an educational project
- knowing how to manage processes and methodologies for evaluating the effectiveness / efficiency of educational interventions


Competent adoption of key terms and academic communication from the pedagogical area.
Appropriate use of English
Basic Digital competence: use of word processors, browsers, web-search, eLearning platform.


MODULE 1: Course Introduction and design models
MODULE 2: Learning needs' analysis
MODULE 3: Design and phases
MODULE 4: Evaluation of an educational intervention

Teaching Methods

The course involves the use of the following teaching methods: dialogic lesson, discussion, exercise and peer feedback also through the use of the E-learning platform.

Verification of learning

For attending students, the assessment of learning is based on:
- an intermediate written test
- a final written test
The final mark is given by the sum of the marks obtained in the two tests.

For non-attending students, the assessment of learning is based on:
- a written test on the date of the exam session on the entire course program


1) Loredana Paradiso, La progettazione educativa e sociale. Metodi, metodologie, strumenti, Milano, Mondadori, 2020. SOLO I PRIMI 6 CAPITOLI FINO A PAGINA 133

2) Emanuela M. Torre, Dalla progettazione alla valutazione, Roma, Carocci Faber, 2014.

3) Claudio Bezzi, Cos’è la valutazione. Un’introduzione ai concetti, le parole chiave e i problemi metodologici. Milano, FrancoAngeli, 2006

Non-attending students don’t need any additional text.
Extra materials could be given to students during classes, in this case they will be uploaded in the on-line platform and they must be studied for the exam.
The texts currently indicated may change.

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