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The laboratory is aimed at building minimum skills in multivariate statistical data analysis, with particular reference to the following methodologies: Multiple Regression, Variance Analysis, Covariance Analysis, Logistic Regression.
At the end of the laboratory attendance and in relation to a specific application context, the student must be able to use, at a basic level, a professional software for data analysis, build a quantitative analysis of the data, produce a report and illustrate the methods of use for decision-making purposes.
He will be able to communicate and argue the results obtained, using appropriate language. The laboratory also aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge to develop further insights, even individually, and to develop autonomy of action.


Knowledge of the main techniques of multivariate data analysis (Multiple Regression, Analysis of Variance, Analysis of Covariance and Logistic Regression).


-Introduction to professional software (SAS, STATA, R).
-Analysis of case studies choosing and applying correct methodologies.
-Construction of a report .

Teaching Methods

The course will be divided into 9 lessons of 2 hours each. Teaching will be delivered mainly face to face, integrated and "augmented" with online strategies, in order to guarantee its use in an innovative and inclusive way.

Verification of learning

The assessment involves the development of a paper (technical report or short thesis) on a topic agreed with the teacher.
The student will have to demonstrate the ability to choose the most correct methodology, use the software and produce a report to interpret the results and summarize them for comparative and cognitive purposes.
At the end, an eligibility is obtained.
In evaluating the paper, the determination of the final grade will take into account the following aspects:
1. the logic followed by the student in choosing the method;
2. the correct implementation of the chosen technique in the software;
3. the completeness of the report;
4. the ability to argue;
5. the use of an adequate statistical language;
6. the ability to communicate the results in writing and to highlight the most relevant aspects.
Due to the epidemiological situation due to the pandemic, the discussion of the paper will be held at a distance on the Microsoft Teams platform. All information will be provided through Esse3.


The teacher will provide the material through the specific Teams group that will be created.

More Information

The teacher will provide the material through the specific Teams group that will be created.

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