Joint Supervision of PhD Thesis

Joint supervision of PhD thesis (Cotutelle)

È ben difficile, in geografia come in morale, capire il mondo senza uscire di casa propria (Voltaire)

Cotutelle is a specific agreement to write a PhD thesis under the joint supervision of a Professor from UniCa and a Professor from a foreign Institution. Both of them hold the position of Supervisors for the PhD student.

How to start a joint supervision of PhD thesis

With the support of your supervisor at UniCa, you can propose a research project and a person of reference abroad.

In order to start your joint supervision of PhD thesis, you have to submit your application by the first semester of the second year. You can download the application form at the bottom of this webpage and submit it to:

  • PhD and Professional Master Office (Settore Dottorati e Master);
  • Academic Board of your PhD programme.

At a later time, you should provide an administrative e-mail address of the partner University, so that the PhD and Professional Master Office can start the procedure for the signature of a personal cotutelle agreement.

As a PhD student under a cotutelle agreement, you will be enrolled at both Universities and you will have to spend a period between 6 and 18 months at the partner University.

Upon a single PhD defence of your PhD thesis - including an abstract in the language of the partner University - in one of the University signing the cotutelle agreement, you will receive a double PhD degree recognised by both Universities.


For further information:

Monica Carta, Tel: +39 070 675 8446, E-mail:,

Roberta Leu, Tel: +39 070 675 6459, E-mail:

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