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Mock tests

Students taking the language tests organised by the University Language Centre at the request of the Faculties of our University are informed that this service does not provide any form of language consultancy or assistance from the Director or foreign language teachers.  

Regarding the English language test, from 30 January 2018 Faculties or users can request to take a test for the A2, B1 or B2 level, according to the degree programme or individual needs.  

Bibliographical references:

- Cambridge KET/PET/FCE examination ( Go to the website );

- Reading comprehension ( Go to the website );

- British Council Reading skills practice ( Go to the website );

- Any level course book from the following publishers: Pearson Longman (i.e., New Total English, Speak out), Oxford University Press (i.e., New English File), Cambridge University Press (English Grammar in Use).

For other requirements (such as Faculty tests), we will use the computer-based progress test for which, we remind you, it will be impossible to provide information on the score needed to achieve the required level, since this score depends on the number and quality of the answers given, which range from beginner to high intermediate level.

We would also like to inform you that for several years now there have been 2 English language online courses, one at elementary level (A2) and one at pre-intermediate level (B1), accessible by students with their university credentials on the CLA website. We strongly recommend attending these courses, which can significantly help students in their preparation.

The staff and the director of the University Language Centre are available for further information and suggestions on preparation, textbooks that can be used, courses organised by the degree programmes and the University Language Centre.  

Questionnaire and social

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