A partire da settembre 2022 tutte le comunicazioni del Centro Linguistico d’Ateneo - via posta elettronica - a studentesse e studenti coinvolti nel Progetto Lingua Inglese UNICA CLA saranno indirizzate primariamente alla e-mail d'ateneo personale (dominio: @studenti.unica.it).

Si comunica che dal mese di novembre 2022 ciascuna studentessa e ciascuno studente potrà sostenere il Test di Facoltà/ la Verifica delle Competenze Progetto UNICA-CLA avendo a disposizione 3 tentativi consecutivi per livello (e non per Anno Accademico e/o solare).

Esauriti i 3 tentativi, lo studente e la studentessa potranno sostenere nuovamente la prova saltando però un turno (non potranno sostenere la prova nel test immediatamente successivo), al fine di raggiungere un’adeguata preparazione.


The Language Centre, in collaboration with the University Departments and Faculties, with the regional government and with local public and private bodies, signs agreements and supports projects aimed at promoting the internationalisation of the university system and foreign language literacy throughout the Sardinian region.  


INTER.M.O.F. Project

Within the framework of the agreement signed between the University of Cagliari and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Service for Tertiary Education and Youth Policies – Department of Public Education, Cultural Heritage, Information, Entertainment and Sport), the University Language Centre has been entrusted with the task of organising courses and a tutoring service in English for students with particular difficulties due to manifest social distress or in relation to specific learning disorders or disabilities, with the aim of tackling the phenomenon of university drop-out, enhancing the level of transversal skills, developing distance learning of English, and promoting specific and tailor-made teaching for them.  

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The UNICA-CLA Project, managed by the Language Centre, aims to ensure that all students enrolled in the first year of the University’s three-year and single-cycle degrees (starting from the academic year 2019-2020) achieve the CEFR B2 level in English by the end of their degree.  

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Questionnaire and social

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