Il code mixing come marcatore della struttura informativa e testuale dell’enunciato

Simone Ciccolone


The paper aims to observe the emergence of recurrent patterns in code mixing phenomena. In particular, the analysis will focus on the functions accomplished by the combined use ofsthe languages in contact in relation to the information structure of the utterance and thestextual progression in the interaction. The presence of recurrent patterns, not conversationallysmarked in bilingual speech, is deemed to be an evidence of a productive mechanismsused within a bilingual community to manipulate and define the utterance structure as wellsas textual and/or interactional progression. This assumption will be tested on two bilingualsspeech corpora concerning two different minority language situations: Welsh-English contact in Wales (with the Siarad corpus) and German-Italian contact in South Tyrol (with corpus Kontatto).
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