Title:  Boundary control of coupled reaction-diffusion processes with constant parameters
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Issue Date:  2015
Abstract:  The problem of boundary stabilization is considered for some classes of coupled parabolic linear PDEs of the reaction–diffusion type. With reference to n coupled equations, each one equipped with a scalar boundary control input, a state feedback law is designed with actuation at only one end of the domain, and exponential stability of the closed-loop system is proven. The treatment is addressed separately for the case in which all processes have the same diffusivity and for the more challenging scenario where each process has its own diffusivity and a different solution approach has to be taken. The backstepping method is used for controller design, and, particularly, the kernel matrix of the transformation is derived in explicit form of series of Bessel-like matrix functions by using the method of successive approximations to solve the corresponding PDE. Thus, the proposed control laws become available in explicit form. Additionally, the stabilization of an underactuated system of two coupled reaction–diffusion processes is tackled under the restriction that only a scalar boundary input is available. Capabilities of the proposed synthesis and its effectiveness are supported by numerical studies made for three coupled systems with distinct diffusivity parameters and for underactuated linearized dimensionless temperature-concentration dynamics of a tubular chemical reactor, controlled through a boundary at low fluid superficial velocities when convection terms become negligible
URI:  http://hdl.handle.net/11584/136578
Type: 1.1 Articolo in rivista

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