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Title Issue Date Author(s) Journal Publisher
Do gradient-based explanations tell anything about adversarial robustness to android malware? 2021 Melis, M.; Scalas, M.; Demontis, A.; Maiorca, D.; Biggio, B.; Giacinto, G.; Roli, F. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MACHINE LEARNING AND CYBERNETICS
Explanation-Driven Characterization of Android Ransomware 2021 Scalas, Michele; Rieck, Konrad; Giacinto, Giorgio
Defensive Programming for Smart Home Cybersecurity 2020 Rossi, Maria Teresa; Greca, Renan; Iovino, Ludovico; Giacinto, Giorgio; Bertoli, Antonia IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
On the Role of Explainable Machine Learning for Secure Smart Vehicles 2020 Scalas, Michele; Giacinto, Giorgio IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Adversarial Detection of Flash Malware: Limitations and Open Issues 2020 Maiorca, D.; Demontis, A.; Biggio, B.; Roli, F.; Giacinto, G. COMPUTERS & SECURITY
On the Feasibility of Adversarial Sample Creation Using the Android System API 2020 Cara, Fabrizio; Scalas, Michele; Giacinto, Giorgio; Maiorca, Davide INFORMATION
Convolutional neural networks for relevance feedback in content based image retrieval: a content based image retrieval system that exploits convolutional neural networks both for feature extraction and for relevance feedback 2020 Putzu, Lorenzo; Piras, Luca; Giacinto, Giorgio MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS
Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment 2019 Perdisci, Roberto; Maurice, iClémentine; Giacinto, Giorgio; Almgren, Magnus Springer
PowerDrive: Accurate De-obfuscation and Analysis of PowerShell Malware 2019 Ugarte, Denis; Maiorca, Davide; Cara, Fabrizio; Giacinto, Giorgio Springer
Automotive cybersecurity: Foundations for next-generation vehicles 2019 Scalas, M.; Giacinto, G. IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
On the effectiveness of system API-related information for Android ransomware detection 2019 Scalas, Michele; Maiorca, Davide; Mercaldo, Francesco; Visaggio, Corrado Aaron; Martinelli, Fabio...; Giacinto, Giorgio COMPUTERS & SECURITY
Yes, Machine Learning Can Be More Secure! A Case Study on Android Malware Detection 2019 Demontis, Ambra; Melis, Marco; Biggio, Battista; Maiorca, Davide; Arp, Daniel; Rieck, Konrad; Cor...ona, Igino; Giacinto, Giorgio; Roli, Fabio IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON DEPENDABLE AND SECURE COMPUTING
Towards adversarial malware detection: lessons learned from PDF-based attacks 2019 Maiorca, D.; Biggio, B.; Giacinto, G. ACM COMPUTING SURVEYS
Adversarial Malware Binaries: Evading Deep Learning for Malware Detection in Executables 2018 Kolosnjaji, Bojan; Demontis, Ambra; Biggio, Battista; Maiorca, Davide; Giacinto, Giorgio; Eckert,... Claudia; Roli, Fabio IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Ten years of relevance score for content based image retrieval 2018 Putzu, Lorenzo; Piras, Luca; Giacinto, Giorgio Springer Verlag
Explaining black-box android malware detection 2018 Melis, Marco; Maiorca, Davide; Biggio, Battista; Giacinto, Giorgio; Roli, Fabio IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Infinity-norm support vector machines against adversarial label contamination 2017 Demontis, Ambra; Biggio, Battista; Fumera, Giorgio; Giacinto, Giorgio; Roli, Fabio CEUR-WS
Detection of malicious scripting code through discriminant and adversary-aware API analysis 2017 Maiorca, Davide; Russu, Paolo; Corona, Igino; Biggio, Battista; Giacinto, Giorgio CEUR-WS
Deepsquatting: Learning-based typosquatting detection at deeper domain levels 2017 Piredda, Paolo; Ariu, Davide; Biggio, Battista; Corona, Igino; Piras, Luca; Giacinto, Giorgio;, Fabio Springer
IntelliAV: Toward the feasibility of building intelligent anti-malware on Android devices 2017 Ahmadi, Mansour; Sotgiu, Angelo; Giacinto, Giorgio Springer

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