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Title Issue Date Author(s) Journal Publisher
A quick look to frontier challenges in nanoscience Being printed Ricci C; Delogu F Universidad de Burgos Servicio de Publicaciones
Time through colors: A kinetic model of red vermilion darkening from Raman spectra Being printed Chiriu, D.; Pala, M.; Pisu, F. A.; Cappellini, G.; Ricci, P. C.; Carbonaro, C. M. DYES AND PIGMENTS
Z-Selective Synthesis of α-Sulfanyl Carbonyl Compounds from Internal Alkynes and Thiols via Photoredox Catalysis 2022 Luridiana, A.; Frongia, A.; Scorciapino, M. A.; Malloci, G.; Manconi, B.; Serrao, S.; Ricci, P. C....; Secci, F. ADVANCED SYNTHESIS & CATALYSIS
''Messer D. Alighieri e Sir C.V. Raman: un incontro fruttuoso''. Seminario presso la Biblioteca Universitaria di Cagliari (BUCa) il 25/03/2022 in occasioni delle celebrazioni del ''Dantedì-2022''. 2022 Cappellini, Giancarlo; Chiriu, Daniele; Ricci, Pier Carlo UniCa-BUCa
Towards N–N-Doped Carbon Dots: A Combined Computational and Experimental Investigation 2022 Olla, C.; Porcu, S.; Secci, F.; Ricci, P. C.; Carbonaro, C. M. MATERIALS
Emission mechanism in single and co-doped Tb:Eu:CaZnOS 2021 Corpino, R.; Angioni, D.; Satta, J.; Ugbo, F. C.; Chiriu, D.; Carbonaro, C. M.; Melis, C.; Stagi,... L.; Ricci, P. C. JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS
Formation of citrazinic acid ions and their contribution to optical and magnetic features of carbon nanodots: A combined experimental and computational approach 2021 Mocci, F.; Olla, C.; Cappai, A.; Corpino, R.; Ricci, P. C.; Chiriu, D.; Salis, M.; Carbonaro, C. M. MATERIALS
Insight into the Molecular Model in Carbon Dots through Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Citrazinic Acid in Aqueous Solution 2021 Cappai, A.; Melis, C.; Stagi, L.; Ricci, P. C.; Mocci, F.; Carbonaro, C. M. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. C
Fresco Paintings: Development of an Aging Model from 1064 nm Excited Raman Spectra 2021 Pisu, Francesca Assunta; Carbonaro, Carlo Maria; Corpino, Riccardo; Ricci, Pier Carlo; Chiriu, Da...niele CRYSTALS
Raman spectra and vibrational analysis of CsPbI3: a fast and reliable technique to identify lead halide perovskite polymorphs 2021 Satta, J.; Melis, C.; Carbonaro, C. M.; Pinna, A.; Salado, M.; Salazar, D.; Ricci, P. C. JOURNAL OF MATERIOMICS
Formation mechanisms and phase stability of solid-state grown cspbi3 perovskites 2021 Satta, J.; Casu, A.; Chiriu, D.; Carbonaro, C. M.; Stagi, L.; Ricci, P. C. NANOMATERIALS
Sequential Symmetry-Breaking Events as a Synthetic Pathway for Chiral Gold Nanostructures with Spiral Geometries 2021 Golze, S. D.; Porcu, S.; Zhu, C.; Sutter, E.; Ricci, P. C.; Kinzel, E. C.; Hughes, R. A.; Neretin...a, S. NANO LETTERS
Copper chloro-complexes concentrated solutions: An electrochemical study 2021 Lacarbonara, G.; Faggiano, L.; Porcu, S.; Ricci, P. C.; Rapino, S.; Casey, D. P.; Rohan, J. F.; A...rbizzani, C. BATTERIES
4‐nitrophenol efficient photoreduction from exfoliated and protonated phenyl‐doped graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets 2021 Porcu, S.; Secci, F.; Abdullah, Q. A.; Ricci, P. C. POLYMERS
Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of Fluorescent 6-Aryl-D-π-A Coumarin Derivatives 2021 Cocco, Andrea; Caria, Paola; Sanna, Giuseppina; Stagi, Luigi; Cadoni, Enzo; Corpino, Riccardo; Ri...cci, Pier Carlo; Carbonaro, Carlo Maria; Secci, Francesco ACS OMEGA
Application of Raman Spectroscopy to Ancient Materials: Models and Results from Archaeometric Analyses 2020 Chiriu, Daniele; Pisu, Francesca Assunta; Ricci, Pier Carlo; Carbonaro, Carlo Maria MATERIALS
Kabachnik-Fields Reaction by Mechanochemistry: New Horizons from Old Methods 2020 Fiore, C.; Sovic, I.; Lukin, S.; Halasz, I.; Martina, K.; Delogu, F.; Ricci, P. C.; Porcheddu, A....; Shemchuk, O.; Braga, D.; Pirat, J. -L.; Virieux, D.; Colacino, E. ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING
Mechanochemical Preparation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Monitored by In Situ Raman Spectroscopy 2020 Sović, Irena; Lukin, Stipe; Meštrović, Ernest; Halasz, Ivan; Porcheddu, Andrea; Delogu, Francesco...; Ricci, Pier Carlo; Caron, Fabien; Perilli, Thomas; Dogan, Anita; Colacino, Evelina ACS OMEGA
Simultaneous Individual and Dipolar Collective Properties in Binary Assemblies of Magnetic Nanoparticles 2020 Sánchez, Elena H.; Vasilakaki, Marianna; Lee, Su Seong; Normile, Peter S.; Muscas, Giuseppe; Murg...ia, Massimiliano; Andersson, Mikael S.; Singh, Gurvinder; Mathieu, Roland; Nordblad, Per; Ricci, Pier Carlo; Peddis, Davide; Trohidou, Kalliopi N.; Nogués, Josep; De Toro, José A. CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS
All-organic, low voltage, transparent and compliant organic field-effect transistor fabricated by means of large-area, cost-effective techniques 2020 Lai, Stefano; Casula, Giulia; Ricci, Pier Carlo; Cosseddu, Piero; Bonfiglio, Annalisa APPLIED SCIENCES

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