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Thymosin β4 Is an Endogenous Iron Chelator and Molecular Switcher of Ferroptosis 2022 Lachowicz, J. I.; Pichiri, G.; Piludu, M.; Fais, S.; Orru, G.; Congiu, T.; Piras, M.; Faa, G.; Fa...nni, D.; Torre, G. D.; Lopez, X.; Chandra, K.; Szczepski, K.; Jaremko, L.; Ghosh, M.; Emwas, A. -H.; Castagnola, M.; Jaremko, M.; Hannappel, E.; Coni, P. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
Aurivillius Oxides Nanosheets-Based Photocatalysts for Efficient Oxidation of Malachite Green Dye 2022 Collu, David A.; Carucci, Cristina; Piludu, Marco; Parsons, Drew F.; Salis, Andrea INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
Adsorption and release of sulfamethizole from mesoporous silica nanoparticles functionalised with triethylenetetramine 2021 Carucci, C.; Scalas, N.; Porcheddu, A.; Piludu, M.; Monduzzi, M.; Salis, A. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
Living with the enemy: from protein-misfolding pathologies we know, to those we want to know 2021 Emwas, Abdul-Hamid; Alghrably, Mawadda; Dhahri, Manel; Sharfalddin, Abeer; Alsiary, Rawiah; Jarem...ko, Mariusz; Faa, Gavino; Campagna, Marcello; Congiu, Terenzio; Piras, Monica; Piludu, Marco; Pichiri, Giuseppina; Coni, Pierpaolo; Lachowicz, Joanna Izabela AGEING RESEARCH REVIEWS
Undercover Toxic Ménage à Trois of Amylin, Copper (II) and Metformin in Human Embryonic Kidney Cells 2021 Congiu, Terenzio; Alghrably, Mawadda N.; Emwas, Abdul-Hamid; Jaremko, Lukasz; Lachowicz, Joanna I....; Piludu, Marco; Piras, Monica; Faa, Gavino; Pichiri, Giuseppina; Jaremko, Mariusz; Coni, Pierpaolo PHARMACEUTICS
Improving Metal Adsorption on Triethylenetetramine (TETA) Functionalized SBA-15 Mesoporous Silica Using Potentiometry, EPR and ssNMR 2020 Lachowicz, J. I.; Emwas, A. -H.; Delpiano, G. R.; Salis, A.; Piludu, M.; Jaremko, L.; Jaremko, M. ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES
Thymosin b4 cytoplasmic/nuclear translocation as a new marker of cellular stress. A Caco2 case study 2020 Coni, Pierpaolo; Piras, Monica; Mateddu, Anna; Piludu, Marco; Orru, Germano; Scano, Alessandra; C...abras, Tiziana; Piras, Valentina; Lachowicz, Joanna Izabela; Jaremko, Mariusz; Faa, Gavino; Castagnola, Massimo; Pichiri, Giuseppina RSC ADVANCES
Metal coordination of thymosin β4: Chemistry and possible implications 2019 Lachowicz, J. I.; Jaremko, M.; Jaremko, L.; Pichiri, G.; Coni, P.; Piludu, M. COORDINATION CHEMISTRY REVIEWS
Assembly of Multicomponent Nano-Bioconjugates Composed of Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles, Proteins, and Gold Nanoparticles 2019 Delpiano, Giulia Rossella; Casula, Maria F.; Piludu, Marco; Corpino, Riccardo; Ricci, Pier Carlo;... Vallet-Regí, María; Sanjust, Enrico; Monduzzi, Maura; Salis, Andrea ACS OMEGA
Adsorption of Cu2+ and Zn2+ on SBA-15 mesoporous silica functionalized with triethylenetetramine chelating agent 2019 Lachowicz, Joanna Izabela; Delpiano, Giulia Rossella; Zanda, Davide; Piludu, Marco; Sanjust,; Monduzzi, Maura; Salis, Andrea JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
Gold nanoparticles: A powerful tool to visualize proteins on ordered mesoporous silica and for the realization of theranostic nanobioconjugates 2018 Piludu, Marco; Medda, Luca; Monduzzi, Maura; Salis, Andrea INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
Mesoporous silica nanoparticles functionalized with hyaluronic acid. Effect of the biopolymer chain length on cell internalization 2018 Nairi, Valentina; Magnolia, Silvia; Piludu, Marco; Nieddu, Mariella; Caria, Cristian Antonio; Sog...os, Valeria; Vallet-Regì, Maria; Monduzzi, Maura; Salis, Andrea COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. B, BIOINTERFACES
Interactions between bovine serum albumin and mesoporous silica nanoparticles functionalized with biopolymers 2018 Nairi, Valentina; Medda, Sara; Piludu, Marco; Casula, Maria Francesca; Vallet-Regì, Maria; Monduz...zi, Maura; Salis, Andrea CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
Identification of telocytes in the lamina propria of pterygium: an immunohistochemical and transmission electron microscopy study. 2016 Maxia, C; Isola, M; Murtas, D; Piludu, M; Zucca, I; Piras, F; Perra, Mt ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY
Mesoporous silica nanoparticles functionalized with hyaluronic acid and chitosan biopolymers. Effect of functionalization on cell internalization 2016 Salis, A; Fanti, M; Medda, L; Nairi, V; Cugia, F; Piludu, M; Sogos, V; Monduzzi, M ACS BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING
Release of small hydrophilic molecules from polyelectrolyte capsules: Effect of the wall thickness 2015 Cuomo, F; Lopez, F; Piludu, Marco; Miguel, Mg; Lindman, B; Ceglie, A. JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE
Silver enhancement for transmission electron microscopy imaging of antibody fragment-gold nanoparticles conjugates immobilized on ordered mesoporous silica 2015 Piludu, Marco; Medda, Luca; Cugia, Francesca; Monduzzi, Maura; Salis, Andrea LANGMUIR
Thymosin Beta 4 may translocate from the cytoplasm in to the nucleus in HepG2 cells following serum starvation. An ultrastructural study 2015 Piludu M; Piras M; Pichiri G; Coni P; Orrù G; Cabras T; Messana I; Faa G; Castagnola M PLOS ONE
Investigating the Mesostructure of Ordered Porous Silica Nanocomposites by Transmission Electron Microscopy Techniques 2014 Bullita S; Piludu M; Falqui A; Carta D; Corrias A; Casula M F AIP CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS Carbonaro, CM; Ricci, PC
Kidney development: new insights on transmission electron microscopy 2014 Piludu, Marco; Mocci, C; Piras, M; Senes, G; Congiu, Terenzio CURRENT CLINICAL PATHOLOGY Humana Press

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