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Title Issue Date Author(s) Journal Publisher
Social engineering 2.0: A foundational work 2017 Ariu, Davide; Frumento, Enrico; Fumera, Giorgio Association for Computing Machinery
Deepsquatting: Learning-based typosquatting detection at deeper domain levels 2017 Piredda, Paolo; Ariu, Davide; Biggio, Battista; Corona, Igino; Piras, Luca; Giacinto, Giorgio;, Fabio Springer
DeltaPhish: Detecting phishing webpages in compromised websites 2017 Corona, Igino; Biggio, Battista; Contini, Matteo; Piras, Luca; Corda, Roberto; Mereu, Mauro; Mure...ddu, Guido; Ariu, Davide; Roli, Fabio Springer
Pharmaguard WebApp: An application for the detection of illegal online pharmacies 2016 Contini, Matteo; Corona, Igino; Mulas, Alessio; Giacinto, Giorgio; Ariu, Davide CEUR-WS
A (Cyber)ROAD to the Future: A Methodology for Building Cybersecurity Research Roadmaps 2016 Ariu, Davide; Didaci, Luca; Fumera, Giorgio; Giacinto, Giorgio; Roli, Fabio; Frumento, Enrico; Fr...eschi, Federica Springer
Detecting Misuse of Google Cloud Messaging in Android Badware 2016 Ahmadi, Mansour; Biggio, Battista; Arzt, S; Ariu, Davide; Giacinto, Giorgio ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)
Clustering android malware families by Http traffic 2016 Aresu, Marco; Ariu, Davide; Ahmadi, Mansour; Maiorca, Davide; Giacinto, Giorgio IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Yet Another Cybersecurity Roadmapping Methodology 2015 Ariu, Davide; Didaci, Luca; Fumera, Giorgio; Frumento, E; Freschi, F; Giacinto, Giorgio; Roli, Fabio IEEE
An Evasion Resilient Approach to the Detection of Malicious PDF Files 2015 Maiorca D; Ariu D; Corona I; Giacinto G Springer
PharmaGuard: Automatic identification of illegal search-indexed online pharmacies 2015 Corona I; Contini M; Ariu D; Giacinto G; Roli F; Lund M; Marinelli G IEEE
Machine Learning in Security Applications 2015 Ariu D; Corona I; Tronci R; Giacinto G TRANSACTIONS ON MACHINE LEARNING AND DATA MINING
A Structural and Content-Based Approach for a Precise and Robust Detection of Malicious PDF Files 2015 Maiorca, Davide; Ariu, Davide; Corona, Igino; Giacinto, Giorgio SciTePress
2020 Cybercrime Economic Costs: No Measure No Solution 2015 Armin, J; Thompson, B; Ariu, Davide; Giacinto, Giorgio; Roli, Fabio; Kijewski, P. IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
The maven project: Management and Authenticity Verification of multimedia contents 2015 Ruiz, C.; Arroyo, S.; Krsteski, I.; Dago, P.; Sanchez, J.; Perez-Freire, L.; De Rosa, A.; Fontani..., M.; Costanzo, A.; Piva, A.; Ariu, D.; Piras, L.; Ahumada, R.; Jerian, M. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Lux0R: Detection of Malicious PDF-embedded JavaScript code through Discriminant Analysis of API References 2014 Corona I; Maiorca D; Ariu D; Giacinto G ACM
Poisoning behavioral malware clustering 2014 Biggio, Battista; Rieck, K; Ariu, Davide; Wressnegger, C; Corona, Igino; Giacinto, Giorgio; Roli,... Fabio ACM
Is data clustering in adversarial settings secure? 2013 Biggio, Battista; Pillai, I; Rota Bulò, S; Ariu, Davide; Pelillo, M; Roli, Fabio Institution of Engineering and Technology
Machine Learning in Security Applications 2013 Ariu D; Corona I; Tronci R; Giacinto G ibai-publishing
Scalable Fine-Grained Behavioral Clustering of HTTP-Based Malware 2013 Perdisci R; Ariu D; Giacinto G COMPUTER NETWORKS
Machine learning in computer forensics (and the lessons learned from machine learning in computer security) 2011 Ariu, Davide; Giacinto, Giorgio; Roli, Fabio ACM

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