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Title Issue Date Author(s) Journal Publisher
New perspectives in bibliometric indicators: Moving from citations to citing authors 2021 Cappelletti Montano, Beniamino.; Columbu, Silvia.; Montaldo, Stefano.; Musio, Monica JOURNAL OF INFORMETRICS
The Hyvärinen scoring rule in Gaussian linear time series models 2021 Columbu, Silvia; Mameli, Valentina; Musio, Monica; Dawid, Philip JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL PLANNING AND INFERENCE
From measurement to explanatory approaches: an assessment of the attractiveness of the curricula programs supplied by Italian universities 2020 Sulis, Isabella; Columbu, Silvia; Porcu, Mariano Pearson
Geography of Italian student mobility: A network analysis approach 2020 Columbu, S.; Porcu, M.; Primerano, I.; Sulis, I.; Vitale, M. P. SOCIO-ECONOMIC PLANNING SCIENCES
University choice and the attractiveness of the study area: Insights on the differences amongst degree programmes in Italy based on generalised mixed-effect models 2020 Columbu, Silvia; Porcu, Mariano; Sulis, Isabella SOCIO-ECONOMIC PLANNING SCIENCES
A multilevel Analysis of University attractiveness in the network flows from Bachelor to Master’s degree 2020 Columbu, Silvia; Primerano, Ilaria Pearson
Exploring the Italian student mobility flows in higher education. 2019 Columbu, S.; Porcu, M.; Primerano, I.; Sulis, I.; Vitale, M Cuzzolin
Assessing quality in Italian Universities: a multilevel latent profile approach. 2019 Columbu, Silvia; Porcu, Mariano; Sulis, Isabella
University choice and the attractiveness of the study area. Insights from an analysis based on generalized mixed-effect models 2018 Columbu, S.; Porcu, M.; Sulis, I. Pearson
A note on Bayesian model selection for discrete data using proper scoring rules 2017 Dawid, A. Philip; Musio, Monica; Columbu, Silvia STATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS
Logistic quantile regression to model cognitive impairment in Sardinian cancer patients 2016 Columbu, Silvia; Bottai, Matteo Springer International
Parametric modeling of dependence of bivariate quantile regression residuals' signs 16-Apr-2015 Università degli Studi di Cagliari
Cognitive decline and depressive symptoms in late-life are associated with statin use: evidence from a population-based study of Sardinian old people living in their own home 2014 Mandas, A; Congiu, MG; Abete, C; Dessí, S; Manconi, PE; Musio, M; Columbu, S; Racugno, W NEUROLOGICAL RESEARCH
Cognitive deterioration in cancer patients using logistic quantile regression 2013 Columbu S; Bottai M

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