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Staff perception of respect for human rights of users and organizational well-being: A study in four different countries of the mediterranean area 2020 Zgueb, Y.; Preti, A.; Perra, A.; El-Astal, S.; Gonzalez, C. I. A.; Piras, M.; Testa, G.; Kirolov,... I.; Tamburini, G.; Ouali, U.; Kalcev, G.; Romano, F.; Kovess, V.; Carta, M. G. CLINICAL PRACTICE AND EPIDEMIOLOGY IN MENTAL HEALTH
Development of a Clinical Rating Scale for the Severity of Apraxia of Eyelid Opening, Either Isolated or Associated with Blepharospasm 2020 Ferrazzano, G.; Muroni, A.; Conte, A.; Ercoli, T.; Tamburini, G.; Fabbrini, G.; Berardelli, A.; D...efazio, G. MOVEMENT DISORDERS CLINICAL PRACTICE
Bipolar disorder and antithyroid antibodies: review and case series 2016 Bocchetta, Alberto; Traccis, F; Mosca, Enrica; Serra, Alessandra; Tamburini, Giorgio; Loviselli, ...Andrea INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIPOLAR DISORDERS
VNS induced desynchronization in gamma bands correlates with positive clinical outcome in temporal lobe pharmacoresistant epilepsy 2013 Fraschini M; Puligheddu M; Demuru M; Polizzi L; Maleci A; Tamburini G; Congia S; Bortolato M; Mar...rosu F NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS
Affective psychosis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and brain perfusion abnormalities: case report 2007 Bocchetta, Alberto; Tamburini, Giorgio; Cavolina, Pina; Serra, Alessandra; Loviselli, Andrea; Pig...a, Mario CLINICAL PRACTICE AND EPIDEMIOLOGY IN MENTAL HEALTH
Bed footboard peroneal and tibial neuropathy. A further unusual type of Saturday night palsy. 2004 Tacconi P; Manca D; Tamburini G; Cannas A; Giagheddu M. JOURNAL OF THE PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM
Electroneurography index based on nerve conduction study data: method and findings in control subjects. 2004 Tacconi P; Manca D; Tamburini G; Ferrigno P; Cossu G; Cannas A; Giagheddu M. MUSCLE & NERVE
Comparison of MRI, EEG, EPs and ECD-SPECT in Wilson's disease 2001 Giagheddu, M; Tamburini, G; Piga, M; Tacconi, P; Giagheddu, A; Serra, Alessandra; Siotto, P; Satt...a, L; Demelia, Luigi; Marrosu, Francesco ACTA NEUROLOGICA SCANDINAVICA
Visual evoked potentials in hypothyroidism: a long-term evaluation 1998 Tamburini G; Tacconi P; Ferrigno P; Cannas A; Massa G M; Mastinu R; Velluzzi F; Loviselli A; Giag...heddu M ELECTROMYOGRAPHY AND CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY
Il disturo specifico e la riabilitazione del morbo di Parkinson 1997 MASALA C; CONGIA S; PETRETTO D; PEDDIS E; COSSU G; TAMBURINI G; FERRIGNO P; FANCELLO L
Epidemiological study of myasthenia gravis in Sardinia, Italy (1958-1986). 1989 Giagheddu M; Puggioni G; Sanna G; Tamburini G; Marrosu F; Rachele M G; Murgia B; Rosati G ACTA NEUROLOGICA SCANDINAVICA

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