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The Intranigral Infusion of Human-Alpha Synuclein Oligomers Induces a Cognitive Impairment in Rats Associated with Changes in Neuronal Firing and Neuroinflammation in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex 1-Jan-2022 Palmas, Maria Francesca; Etzi, Michela; Pisanu, Augusta; Camoglio, Chiara; Sagheddu, Claudia; Santoni, Michele; Manchinu, Maria Francesca; Pala, Mauro; Fusco, Giuliana; De Simone, Alfonso; Picci, Luca; Mulas, Giovanna; Spiga, Saturnino; Scherma, Maria; Fadda, Paola; Pistis, Marco; Simola, Nicola; Carboni, Ezio; Carta, Anna R. CELLS -
Editorial of special issue – Synthetic psychoactive substances and neurological diseases: Toxic and therapeutic effects 1-Jan-2022 Simola, N.; De Luca, M. A. EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY -
Protective Agents in Parkinson’s Disease: Caffeine and Adenosine A2A Receptor Antagonists 1-Jan-2021 Simola, Nicola; Pinna, Annalisa; Frau, Lucia; Costa, Giulia; Marongiu, Jacopo; Parekh, Pathik; Serra, Marcello; Morelli, Micaela - Springer
Increased emissions of 50-kHz ultrasonic vocalizations in hemiparkinsonian rats repeatedly treated with dopaminomimetic drugs: A potential preclinical model for studying the affective properties of dopamine replacement therapy in Parkinson's disease 1-Jan-2021 Simola, Nicola; Serra, Marcello; Marongiu, Jacopo; Costa, Giulia; Morelli, Micaela PROGRESS IN NEURO-PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY & BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY -
In utero exposure to dexamethasone causes a persistent and age-dependent exacerbation of the neurotoxic effects and glia activation induced by MDMA in dopaminergic brain regions of C57BL/6J mice 1-Jan-2021 Costa, G.; Spulber, S.; Paci, E.; Casu, M. A.; Ceccatelli, S.; Simola, N.; Morelli, M. NEUROTOXICOLOGY -
Association between novel object recognition/spontaneous alternation behavior and emission of ultrasonic vocalizations in rats: Possible relevance to the study of memory 1-Jan-2021 Costa, G.; Serra, M.; Simola, N. BRAIN SCIENCES -
Lack of drug- and cue-stimulated emissions of ultrasonic vocalizations in C57BL/6 J mice repeatedly treated with amphetamine 1-Jan-2021 Serra, Marcello; Marongiu, Jacopo; Simola, Nicola NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS -
Activation of Antioxidant and Proteolytic Pathways in the Nigrostriatal Dopaminergic System After 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine Administration: Sex-Related Differences 1-Jan-2021 Costa, G.; Caputi, F. F.; Serra, M.; Simola, N.; Rullo, L.; Stamatakos, S.; Sanna, F.; Germain, M.; Martinoli, M. -G.; Candeletti, S.; Morelli, M.; Romualdi, P. FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY -
Repeated exposure to JWH-018 induces adaptive changes in the mesolimbic and mesocortical dopamine pathways, glial cells alteration and behavioural correlates 1-Jan-2021 Pintori, Nicholas; Castelli, Maria Paola; Miliano, Cristina; Simola, Nicola; Fadda, Paola; Fattore, Liana; Scherma, Maria; Ennas, Maria Grazia; Mostallino, Rafaela; Flore, Giovanna; De Felice, Marta; Sagheddu, Claudia; Pistis, Marco; Di Chiara, Gaetano; De Luca, Maria Antonietta BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY -
Effects of combination antiretroviral drugs (cART) on hippocampal neuroplasticity in female mice 1-Jan-2021 Zulu, Simo Siyanda; Abboussi, Oualid; Simola, Nicola; Mabandla, Musa Vuyisile; Daniels, William Mark Uren JOURNAL OF NEUROVIROLOGY -
Anti-HIV drugs promote β-amyloid deposition and impair learning and memory in BALB/c mice 1-Jan-2020 Zulu, S. S.; Abboussi, O.; Simola, N.; Mabandla, M. V.; Daniels, W. M. U. ACTA NEUROPSYCHIATRICA -
Experimental Psychopharmacology 1-Jan-2020 Simola, Nicola - Springer
Neuronal and peripheral damages induced by synthetic psychoactive substances: an update of recent findings from human and animal studies 1-Jan-2020 Costa, Giulia; De Luca, Maria Antonietta; Piras, Gessica; Marongiu, Jacopo; Fattore, Liana; Simola, Nicola NEURAL REGENERATION RESEARCH -
Neurophysiological and Neurochemical Effects of the Putative Cognitive Enhancer (S)-CE-123 on Mesocorticolimbic Dopamine System 1-Jan-2020 Sagheddu, Claudia; Pintori, Nicholas; Kalaba, Predrag; Dragačević, Vladimir; Piras, Gessica; Lubec, Jana; Simola, Nicola; De Luca, Maria Antonietta; Lubec, Gert; Pistis, Marco BIOMOLECULES -
Gut Microbiota and Metabolome Alterations Associated with Parkinson’s Disease 1-Jan-2020 Vascellari, Sarah; Palmas, Vanessa; Melis, Marta; Pisanu, Silvia; Cusano, Roberto; Uva, Paolo; Perra, Daniela; Madau, Veronica; Sarchioto, Marianna; Oppo, Valentina; Simola, Nicola; Morelli, Micaela; Santoru, Maria Laura; Atzori, Luigi; Melis, Maurizio; Cossu, Giovanni; Manzin, Aldo MSYSTEMS -
Influence of dopamine transmission in the medial prefrontal cortex and dorsal striatum on the emission of 50-kHz ultrasonic vocalizations in rats treated with amphetamine: Effects on drug-stimulated and conditioned calls 1-Jan-2020 Costa, Giulia; Serra, Marcello; Marongiu, Jacopo; Morelli, Micaela; Simola, Nicola PROGRESS IN NEURO-PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY & BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY -
Gender Differences in Neurodegeneration, Neuroinflammation and Na+-Ca2+ Exchangers in the Female A53T Transgenic Mouse Model of Parkinson’s Disease 1-Jan-2020 Costa, Giulia; Sisalli, Maria Jose; Simola, Nicola; Della Notte, Salvatore; Casu, Maria Antonietta; Serra, Marcello; Pinna, Annalisa; Feliciello, Antonio; Annunziato, Lucio; Scorziello, Antonella; Morelli, Micaela FRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCE -
Neurochemical and Behavioral Characterization after Acute and Repeated Exposure to Novel Synthetic Cannabinoid Agonist 5-MDMB-PICA 1-Jan-2020 Musa, Aurora; Simola, Nicola; Piras, Gessica; Caria, Francesca; Onaivi, Emmanuel Shan; De Luca, Maria Antonietta BRAIN SCIENCES -
Unbinding of Translocator Protein 18 kDa (TSPO) Ligands: From in Vitro Residence Time to in Vivo Efficacy via in Silico Simulations 1-Jan-2019 Bruno, Agostino; Barresi, Elisabetta; Simola, Nicola; Da Pozzo, Eleonora; Costa, Barbara; Novellino, Ettore; Da Settimo, Federico; Martini, Claudia; Taliani, Sabrina; Cosconati, Sandro ACS CHEMICAL NEUROSCIENCE -
Ultrasonic vocalizations as a tool in studying emotional states in rodent models of social behavior and brain disease 1-Jan-2019 Simola, Nicola; Granon, Sylvie NEUROPHARMACOLOGY -
The novel psychoactive substance methoxetamine induces persistent behavioral abnormalities and neurotoxicity in rats 1-Jan-2019 Costa, Giulia; Serra, Marcello; Pintori, Nicholas; Casu, Maria Antonietta; Zanda, Mary Tresa; Murtas, Daniela; De Luca, Maria Antonietta; Simola, Nicola; Fattore, Liana NEUROPHARMACOLOGY -
The sweet road to Parkinson's disease 1-Jan-2019 Renaud, Justine; Simola, Nicola; Martinoli, Maria-Grazia AGING -
Diabetes, a Contemporary Risk for Parkinson’s Disease: Epidemiological and Cellular Evidences 1-Jan-2019 Sergi, Domenico; Renaud, Justine; Simola, Nicola; Martinoli, Maria-Grazia FRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCE -
Repertoire and Biological Function of Ultrasonic Vocalizations in Adolescent and Adult Rats 1-Jan-2018 Simola, Nicola; Brudzynski Stefan, M - Elsevier
Dopaminergic neurodegeneration in a rat model of long-term hyperglycemia: preferential degeneration of the nigrostriatal motor pathway 1-Jan-2018 Renaud, Justine; Bassareo, Valentina; Beaulieu, Jimmy; Pinna, Annalisa; Schlich, Michele; Lavoie, Carole; Murtas, Daniela; Simola, Nicola; Martinoli, Maria-Grazia NEUROBIOLOGY OF AGING -
Emission of categorized 50-kHz ultrasonic vocalizations in rats repeatedly treated with amphetamine or apomorphine: possible relevance to drug-induced modifications in the emotional state 1-Jan-2018 Simola, Nicola; Costa, Giulia BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH -
Rat 50-kHz ultrasonic vocalizations as a tool in studying neurochemical mechanisms that regulate positive emotional states 1-Jan-2018 Simola, Nicola; Brudzynski, Stefan M. JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS -
Role of adenosine A2A receptors in motor control: relevance to Parkinson’s disease and dyskinesia 1-Jan-2018 Pinna, Annalisa; Serra, Marcello; Morelli, Micaela; Simola, Nicola JOURNAL OF NEURAL TRANSMISSION -
Modulation of rat 50-kHz ultrasonic vocalizations by glucocorticoid signaling: possible relevance to reward and motivation 1-Jan-2018 Simola, Nicola; Paci, Elena; Serra, Marcello; Costa, Giulia; Morelli, Micaela INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY -
Effects of Psychostimulants on Rat Emotional States and Emission of Ultrasonic Vocalizations 1-Jan-2018 Simola, Nicola - Elsevier
Repeated Administration of 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) Elevates the Levels of Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase in the Nigrostriatal System: Possible Relevance to Neurotoxicity 1-Jan-2018 Costa, Giulia; Morelli, Micaela; Simola, Nicola NEUROTOXICITY RESEARCH -
Effect of long-term administration of antiretroviral drugs (Tenofovir and Nevirapine) on neuroinflammation and neuroplasticity in mouse hippocampi 1-Jan-2018 Zulu, Simo S.; Simola, Nicola; Mabandla, Musa V.; Daniels, William M. U. JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL NEUROANATOMY -
Role of Adenosine in the basal Ganglia 1-Jan-2017 Morelli, Micaela; Simola, Nicola; Popoli, P.; Carta, Annarosa - Elsevier
Amphetamine-related drugs neurotoxicity in humans and in experimental animals: Main mechanisms 1-Jan-2017 Moratalla, Rosario; Khairnar, Amit; Simola, Nicola; Granado, Noelia; García Montes, Jose Ruben; Porceddu, PIER FRANCESCA; Tizabi, Yousef; Costa, Giulia; Morelli, Micaela PROGRESS IN NEUROBIOLOGY -
Widespread reduction of dopamine cell bodies and terminals in adult rats exposed to a low dose regimen of MDMA during adolescence 1-Jan-2017 Cadoni, Cristina; Pisanu, Augusta; Simola, Nicola; Frau, Lucia; Porceddu, PIER FRANCESCA; Corongiu, Silvia; Dessi', Christian; Sil, Annesha; Plumitallo, Antonio; Wardas, Jadwiga; DI CHIARA, Gaetano NEUROPHARMACOLOGY -
Progression and Persistence of Neurotoxicity Induced by MDMA in Dopaminergic Regions of the Mouse Brain and Association with Noradrenergic, GABAergic, and Serotonergic Damage 1-Jan-2017 Costa, Giulia; Morelli, Micaela; Simola, Nicola NEUROTOXICITY RESEARCH -
Activation of adenosine A2A receptors suppresses the emission of pro-social and drug-stimulated 50-kHz ultrasonic vocalizations in rats: possible relevance to reward and motivation 1-Jan-2016 Simola, Nicola; Costa, Giulia; Morelli, Micaela PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY -
Amphetamine usage, misuse, and addiction processes: an overview 1-Jan-2016 Simola, Nicola; Carta, Manolo - Elsevier
Antidyskinetic effect of A2A and 5HT1A/1B receptor ligands in two animal models of Parkinson's disease 1-Jan-2016 Pinna, Annalisa; Ko, Wkd; Costa, Giulia; Tronci, Elisabetta; ALVAREZ FIDALGO, Camino; Simola, Nicola; Li, Q; Tabrizi, Ma; Bezard, E; Carta, Manolo; Morelli, Micaela MOVEMENT DISORDERS -
Effect of crowding, temperature and age on glia activation and dopaminergic neurotoxicity induced by MDMA in the mouse brain 1-Jan-2016 Frau, Lucia; Simola, Nicola; Porceddu, PIER FRANCESCA; Morelli, Micaela NEUROTOXICOLOGY -
Methylxanthines and drug dependence: interactions and toxicity 1-Jan-2016 Costa, Giulia; Morelli, Micaela; Simola, Nicola - Elsevier
Adenosine A2A receptors: localization and function 1-Jan-2015 Simola, Nicola; Wardas, J. - Springer
Pathophysiology of L-dopa-induced motor and non-motor complications in Parkinson's disease 1-Jan-2015 Bastide, Mf; Meissner, Wg; Picconi, B; Fasano, S; Fernagut, Po; Feyder, M; Francardo, V; Alcacer, C; Ding, Ym; Brambilla, R; Fisone, G; Stoessl, Aj; Bourdenx, M; Engeln, M; Navailles, S; De Deurwaerdere, P; Ko, Wkd; Simola, Nicola; Morelli, Micaela; Groc, L; Rodriguez, Mc; Gurevich, Ev; Quik, M; Morari, M; Mellone, M; Gardoni, F; Tronci, Elisabetta; Guehl, D; Tison, F; Crossman, Ar; Kang, Uj; Steece Collier, K; Fox, S; Carta, Manolo; Cenci, Am; Bezard, E. PROGRESS IN NEUROBIOLOGY -
Preface [ to The Adenosinergic System. A Non-Dopaminergic Target in Parkinson’s Disease] 1-Jan-2015 Morelli, Micaela; Simola, Nicola; Wardas, J. - Springer International
Rat ultrasonic vocalizations and behavioral neuropharmacology: from the screening of drugs to the study of disease 1-Jan-2015 Simola, Nicola CURRENT NEUROPHARMACOLOGY -
Dual target strategy: combining distinct non-dopaminergic treatments reduces neuronal cell loss and synergistically modulates l-DOPA-induced rotational behavior in a rodent model of Parkinson's disease 1-Jan-2015 Fuzzati Armentero, Mt; Cerri, S; Levandis, G; Ambrosi, G; Montepeloso, E; Antoninetti, G; Blandini, F; Baqi, Y; Muller, Ce; Volpini, R; Costa, Giulia; Simola, Nicola; Pinna, Annalisa JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY -
Ultrasonic vocalizations in rats: a tool for the investigation of psychoactive drugs and neuropsychiatric conditions 1-Jan-2015 Simola, Nicola CURRENT NEUROPHARMACOLOGY -
Involvement of Glutamate NMDA Receptors in the Acute, Long-Term, and Conditioned Effects of Amphetamine on Rat 50kHz Ultrasonic Vocalizations 1-Jan-2015 Costa, Giulia; Morelli, Micaela; Simola, Nicola INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY -
Repeated amphetamine administration and long-term effects on 50-kHz ultrasonic vocalizations: possible relevance to the motivational and dopamine-stimulating properties of the drug 1-Jan-2015 Simola, Nicola; Morelli, Micaela EUROPEAN NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY -
Strain dependence of adolescent Cannabis influence on heroin reward and mesolimbic dopamine transmission in adult Lewis and Fischer 344 rats 1-Jan-2015 Cadoni, C; Simola, Nicola; Espa, Elena; Fenu, Sandro; DI CHIARA, Gaetano ADDICTION BIOLOGY -
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