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Monitoring Indoor People Presence in Buildings Using Low-Cost Infrared Sensor Array in Doorways 1-Jan-2021 Perra, Cristian; Kumar, Amit; Losito, Michele; Pirino, Paolo; Moradpour, Milad; Gatto, Gianluca SENSORS -
Automatic Sea-Ice Classification of SAR Images Based on Spatial and Temporal Features Learning 1-Jan-2021 Song, W.; Li, M.; Gao, W.; Huang, D.; Ma, Z.; Liotta, A.; Perra, C. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING -
Total flow intensity, active flow intensity and volume related flow intensity as new quantitative metrics in optical coherence tomography angiography 1-Jan-2021 Arrigo, A.; Perra, C.; Aragona, E.; Giusto, D.; Bandello, F.; Battaglia Parodi, M. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS -
JPEG Pleno holography: scope and technology validation procedures 1-Jan-2021 Muhamad, R. K.; Birnbaum, T.; Gilles, A.; Mahmoudpour, S.; Oh, K. -J.; Pereira, M.; Perra, C.; Pinheiro, A.; Schelkens, P. APPLIED OPTICS -
BIM and IoT Sensors Integration: A Framework for Consumption and Indoor Conditions Data Monitoring of Existing Buildings 1-Jan-2021 Desogus, Giuseppe; Quaquero, Emanuela; Rubiu, Giulia; Gatto, Gianluca; Perra, Cristian SUSTAINABILITY -
Improved particle swarm optimization for sea surface temperature prediction 1-Jan-2020 He, Q.; Zha, C.; Song, W.; Hao, Z.; Du, Y.; Liotta, A.; Perra, C. ENERGIES -
Hologram Domain Data Compression: Performance of Standard Codecs and Image Quality Assessment at Different Distances and Perspectives 1-Jan-2020 Corda, R.; Perra, C. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING -
Enhancement of Underwater Images With Statistical Model of Background Light and Optimization of Transmission Map 1-Jan-2020 Song, W.; Wang, Y.; Huang, D.; Liotta, A.; Perra, C. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING -
Extrafoveal Müller cells detection in vivo in the human retina: a pilot study based on optical coherence tomography 1-Jan-2020 Arrigo, A.; Perra, C.; Aragona, E.; Giusto, D.; Doglioni, C.; Pierro, L.; Giordano Resti, A.; Bandello, F.; Battaglia Parodi, M. EXPERIMENTAL EYE RESEARCH -
Statistical analysis of computer generated holography for data compression applications 1-Jan-2019 Corda, R.; Giusto, D.; Perra, C.; Liotta, A.; Song, W. - IEEE Computer Society
Short-long term anomaly detection in wireless sensor networks based on machine learning and multi-parameterized edit distance 1-Jan-2019 Cauteruccio, F.; Fortino, G.; Guerrieri, A.; Liotta, A.; Mocanu, D. C.; Perra, C.; Terracina, G.; Torres Vega, M. INFORMATION FUSION -
Performance analysis of JPEG Pleno light field coding 1-Jan-2019 Perra, C.; Astola, Pekka; da Silva, Eduardo A. B.; Khanmohammad, Hesam; Schelkens, Peter; Tabus, Ioan - SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING
Recent advances in the processing and rendering algorithms for computer-generated holography 1-Jan-2019 Corda, R.; Giusto, D.; Liotta, A.; Song, W.; Perra, C. ELECTRONICS -
An AI Approach to Collecting and Analyzing Human Interactions with Urban Environments 1-Jan-2019 Ferrara, E.; Fragale, L.; Fortino, G.; Song, W.; Perra, C.; Di Mauro, M.; Liotta, A. IEEE ACCESS -
JPEG Pleno: providing representation interoperability for holographic applications and devices 1-Jan-2019 Schelkens, Peter; Ebrahimi, Touradj; Gilles, Antonin; Gioia, Patrick; Oh, Kwan-Jung; Pereira, Fernando; Perra, Cristian; Pinheiro, Antonio M. G. ETRI JOURNAL -
Objective Image Quality Analysis of Convolutional Neural Network Light Field Coding 1-Jan-2019 Medda, D.; Song, W.; Perra, C. - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
A Review of Predictive Quality of Experience Management in Video Streaming Services 1-Jan-2018 Torres Vega, Maria; Perra, Cristian; De Turck, Filip; Liotta, Antonio IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING -
Light field compression on sliced lenslet array 1-Jan-2018 Perra, Cristian; Giusto, Daniele INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INTERNET TECHNOLOGY AND SECURED TRANSACTIONS -
Assessing the quality of experience in viewing rendered decompressed light fields 1-Jan-2018 Perra, Cristian MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS -
Resilience of Video Streaming Services to Network Impairments 1-Jan-2018 Torres Vega, Maria; Perra, Cristian; Liotta, Antonio IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING -
An Analysis of HEVC Compression for Light Field Image Refocusing Applications 1-Jan-2018 Perra, C.; Giusto, Daniele - -
Next generation architecture for real time multimedia applications 1-Jan-2017 Scarlato, Michele; Perra, Cristian - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Effect of Lossy Networks on Stereoscopic 3D-Video Streams 1-Jan-2017 Torres Vega, Maria; Perra, Cristian; Mocanu, Decebal Constantin; Liotta, Antonio - -
Light field coding based on flexible view ordering for unfocused plenoptic camera images 1-Jan-2017 Perra, Cristian INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED ENGINEERING RESEARCH -
Raw light field image compression of sliced lenslet array 1-Jan-2017 Perra, Cristian; Giusto, Daniele - IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
3D point cloud reconstruction from single plenoptic image 1-Jan-2016 Murgia, F.; Perra, C.; Giusto, D. TELFOR JOURNAL -
High efficiency coding of light field images based on tiling and pseudo-temporal data arrangement 1-Jan-2016 Perra, Cristian; Assuncao, Pedro - -
3D reconstruction from plenoptic image 1-Jan-2016 Murgia, Francesca; Giusto, Daniele; Perra, Cristian - IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
An analysis of 3D point cloud reconstruction from light field images 1-Jan-2016 Perra, Cristian; Murgia, Francesca; Giusto, Daniele - -
Data Formats for High Efficiency Coding of Lytro-Illum Light Fields 1-Jan-2015 Vieira, A; Duarte, H; Perra, Cristian; Tavora, L; Assuncao, P. - -
Lossless plenoptic image compression using adaptive block differential prediction 1-Jan-2015 Perra, Cristian - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
A Framework for User Control Over Media Data Based on a Trusted Point 1-Jan-2015 Perra, Cristian - -
Next Generation Mobility Applications: A Wireless Cooperative Access Architecture 1-Jan-2014 Perra, Cristian TELFOR JOURNAL -
A Low Computational Complexity Blockiness Estimation based on Spatial Analysis 1-Jan-2014 Perra, Cristian - -
Unfocused plenoptic camera calibration 1-Jan-2014 Murgia, Francesca; Fernandez S., B; Giusto D., D; Perra, Cristian - -
Comparing Gamma and Weibull as frame size distributions for high efficient video coding 1-Jan-2014 Perra, Cristian ELEKTRONIKA IR ELEKTROTECHNIKA -
On the coding of plenoptic raw images 1-Jan-2014 Perra, Cristian - -
Wireless cooperative access to images 1-Jan-2013 Perra, Cristian - -
Re-encoding JPEG images for smart phone applications 1-Jan-2013 Perra, Cristian - -
Wireless Cooperative Access for Next Generation Mobility Applications 1-Jan-2013 Perra, Cristian - -
Interactive image viewing in mobile devices based on JPEG XR 1-Jan-2012 Saba, B.; Perra, Cristian; Giusto, Daniele LECTURE NOTES OF THE INSTITUTE FOR COMPUTER SCIENCES, SOCIAL INFORMATICS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING Springer
TV white spaces exploitation for multimedia signal distribution 1-Jan-2012 Fadda, Mauro; Murroni, Maurizio; Perra, Cristian; Popescu, V. SIGNAL PROCESSING-IMAGE COMMUNICATION -
ELLEIEC Project: Network of networks in Electrical and Information Engineering - an European area of Education for new skills for new job 1-Jan-2011 H., Yahoui; D., Popescu; J. M., Thiriet; O., Bonnaud; T., Ward; Perra, Cristian - -
A scalable image browsing application based on JPEG-XR 1-Jan-2011 Saba, B; Perra, Cristian; Giusto, Daniele - -
ELLEIEC Project: A contribution to harmonise the European Higher Education Area 1-Jan-2011 H., Yahoui; O., Bonnaud; H., Frémont; A., Friesel; S., Nowakowski; Perra, Cristian; T., Ward JOURNAL SUR L'ENSEIGNEMENT DES SCIENCES ET TECHNOLOGIES DE L'INFORMATION ET DES SYSTÈMES. -
Image transmission over error-prone channels 1-Jan-2011 Perra, Cristian; Pes, P. A.; Giusto, Daniele - -
High-Frequency Error Recovery In JPEG XR Coded Images 1-Jan-2011 Perra, Cristian; Pes, P. A.; Giusto, D. D. - -
A Data Grid Architecture for Real-Time Electron Microscopy Applications 1-Jan-2010 F., Mighela; Perra, Cristian - -
HD video in telemedicine 1-Jan-2010 Perra, Cristian; B., Podda - -
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