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Title Issue Date Author(s) Journal Publisher
Computational pedagogy: block programming as a general learning tool 2020 Federici, Stefano; Sergi, Elisabetta; Medas, Claudia; Lussu, Riccardo; Gola, Elisabetta; Zunchedd...u, Andrea Springer
Rapid and easy prototyping of multimedia tools for education 2019 FEDERICI, STEFANO; Molinas, Jacopo; Sergi, Elisabetta; Lussu, Riccardo; GOLA, ELISABETTA TIIKM Publishing
Easy prototyping of multimedia interactive educational tools for language learning based on block programming 2019 Federici, Stefano; Sergi, Elisabetta; Gola, Elisabetta CSEDU SciTePress
From practice to learning: Computer Science the other way round 2019 Federici, Stefano; Gola, Elisabetta; Medas, Claudia; Zuncheddu, Andrea Associazione “Per Scuola democratica”
Who learns better. Achieving long-term knowledge retention by programming-based learning 2018 Federici, Stefano; Medas, Claudia; Gola, Elisabetta SciTePress
Pedagogia computazionale - multimedia e collaborazione per l'apprendimento dell'informatica come strumento didattico 2016 Federici, Stefano Edizioni Angelo Guerini e Associati
LittleC.js: A Lightweight, Minimal, Extensible, and Embeddable JavaScript Implementation of the C Programming Language 2015 Federici, Stefano Atlantis Press
BloP: easy creation of Online Integrated Environments to learn custom and standard Programming Languages 2015 Federici, Stefano; Gola, Elisabetta Sie-L
Are educators ready for coding? From students back to teacher: introducing the class to coding the other way round 2015 Federici, Stefano; Gola, Elisabetta; Brau, D; Zuncheddu, A.
Build Your Own Block Programming Language 2014 Federici S; Gola E; Ilardi E MIT Media Labs
Automated translation between lexicon and corpora 2012 Gola, E; Federici, S; Ruimy, N; Wade, J HUMANA.MENTE
A Constructionist Approach to Computer Science 2011 Federici, Stefano; Stern, L. Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
User-centered Computer Science: High-ceiling and Low-floor Approaches to Programming Languages and Algorithms 2011 Federici S SciTePress – Science and Technology Publications
A minimal, extensible, drag-and-drop implementation of the C programming language 2011 Federici S Association for Computing Machinery, Inc. (ACM)
Words on the edge: conceptual rules and usage variability 2009 GOLA E; S. Federici
Applicazioni teaching: un’architettura per la didattica di applicazioni e la difesa del copyright 2009 Federici S Provincia Autonoma di Trento
Howevering the howevers and butting the buts. Investigating contrastive and concessive constructionsin media discourse 2009 WADE J; FEDERICI S PROCEEDINGS FROM THE CORPUS LINGUISTICS CONFERENCE SERIES
FacilUeb: When Web Publishing is Only One Click Away 2009 Federici S; Gola E IEEE Computer Society Publishing
Elementi di Informatica per studenti di facoltà umanistiche 2007 FEDERICI S Cuec Editrice
Modelli di interfacce e tipologie di utenti 2007 FEDERICI S; GOLA E
Aspetti cognitivi e tecnici della relazione uomo computer 2007 GOLA E; FEDERICI S
Letting in the light and working with the Web: A dynamic corpus development approach to interpreting metaphor 2007 FEDERICI S; WADE J PROCEEDINGS FROM THE CORPUS LINGUISTICS CONFERENCE SERIES University of Birmingham
Struttura-Significato: Il processo di traduzione 2006 FEDERICI S; WADE J Aracne
Per un atlante linguistico informatizzato della Sardegna 2004 Federici, Stefano; Gola, Elisabetta ANNALI DELLA FACOLTÀ DI SCIENZE DELLA FORMAZIONE DELL'UNIVERSITÀ DI CAGLIARI Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione
Le regole informali del linguaggio naturale 2000 GOLA E; FEDERICI S Novecento
ROMANSEVAL: Results for Italian by SENSE 2000 Federici S; Montemagni S; Pirrelli V COMPUTERS AND THE HUMANITIES
SENSE: an analogy-based Word Sense Disambiguation system 1999 Federici S; Montemagni S; Pirrelli V NATURAL LANGUAGE ENGINEERING
Chunking Italian: Linguistic and Task-oriented Evaluation 1998 Federici S; Montemagni S; Pirrelli V European Language Resources Association (ELRA)
Analogy-based extraction of lexical knowledge from corpora: the SPARKLE experience 1998 Federici S; Montemagni S; Pirrelli V; Calzolari N European Language Resources Association (ELRA)
An efficient algorithm for the authomatic building of a lexicon from textual corpora 1998 Federici S
Constraints and preferences at work: an analogy-based approach to parsing grammatical relations 1997 FEDERICI S; SIMONETTA S; PIRRELLI V Routledge
A Simple Model of Language and Cognition 1997 GOLA E; FEDERICI S
Inferring semantic similarity from distributional evidence: an analogy-based approach to word sense disambiguation 1997 Federici S; Montemagni S; Pirrelli V Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)
Analogy, computation and linguistic theory 1997 Federici S; Pirrelli V Taylor & Francis Group
A dynamic Approach to Paradigm-driven Analogy 1996 FEDERICI S; PIRRELLI V; YVON F Springer
Pensiero e Linguaggio. Introduzione alle ricerche contemporanee 1996 CIMATTI F; FEDERICI S; FERRETTI F; GOLA E Carucci
Analogy-based learning and Natural Language Processing 1996 Federici, S; Montemagni, S; Pirrelli, V ERCIM NEWS
Example-based word sense disambiguation: a paradigm-driven approach 1996 Federici S; Montemagni S; Pirrelli V european association for lexicography
Resolving syntactic ambiguities with lexico-semantic patterns: an analogy-based approach 1996 Federici S; Montemagni S; Pirrelli V Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)
Learning Linguistic Percepts and Reasoning by means of them 1996 GOLA E; FEDERICI S AIIA
Il Linguaggio senza Pensiero: Intelligenza Linguistica e Sistemi Artificiali 1996 GOLA E; FEDERICI S Nuova Italia Scientifica
"You'd Better Say Nothing Than Say Something Wrong": Analogy, Accuracy and Text-To-Speech Applications 1995 Federici S; Pirrelli V
Advances in analogy-based learning: false friends and exceptional items in pronunciation by paradigm-driven analogy 1995 FEDERICI S; PIRRELLI V; YVON F
On the pronunciation of unknown words by analogy in text-to-speech systems: an evaluation 1994 Federici S; Pirrelli V Research Institute for Linguistics
On the pronunciation of unknown words by analogy in text-to-speech systems: an evaluation 1994 Federici S; Pirrelli V
"Derivational" paradigms in morphonology 1994 Federici S; Pirrelli V The Association for Computational Linguistics
Context-sensitivity and linguistic structure in analogy-based parallel networks 1994 Federici S; Pirrelli V North-Holland, Elsevier Science

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