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Combined mental task and metaboreflex impair cerebral oxygenation in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus 2021 Pinna, V.; Doneddu, A.; Roberto, S.; Magnani, S.; Ghiani, G.; Mulliri, G.; Sanna, I.; Serra, S.; ...Hosseini Kakhak, S. A.; Milia, R.; Fadda, D.; Lecis, R.; Guicciardi, M.; Crisafulli, A. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY. REGULATORY, INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY
Moderate exercise improves cognitive function in healthy elderly people: results of a randomized controlled trial 2021 Carta, M. G.; Cossu, G.; Pintus, E.; Zaccheddu, R.; Callia, O.; Conti, G.; Pintus, M.; Gonzalez, ...C. I. A.; Massidda, M. V.; Mura, G.; Sardu, C.; Contu, P.; Minerba, L.; Demontis, R.; Pau, M.; Finco, G.; Cocco, E.; Penna, M. P.; Orr, G.; Kalcev, G.; Cabras, F.; Lorrai, S.; Loviselli, A.; Velluzzi, F.; Monticone, M.; Cacace, E.; Musu, M.; Rongioletti, F.; Cauli, A.; Ruggiero, V.; Scano, A.; Crisafulli, A.; Cosentino, S.; Atzori, L.; Massa, E.; Mela, Q.; Fortin, D.; Migliaccio, G.; Machado, S.; Romano, F.; Preti, A. CLINICAL PRACTICE AND EPIDEMIOLOGY IN MENTAL HEALTH
Active elderly and health—can moderate exercise improve health and wellbeing in older adults? Protocol for a randomized controlled trial 2021 Carta, Mauro; Cossu, Giulia; Pintus, Elisa; Zoccheddu, Rosanna; Callia, Omar; Conti, Giuliana; Pi...ntus, Mirra; Ivan Aviles Gonzalez, Cesar; Massidda, Maria Valeria; Mura, Gioia; Sardu, Claudia; Contu, Paolo; Minerba, Luigi; Demontis, Roberto; Pau, Massimiliano; Finco, Gabriele; Cocco, Eleonora; Petronilla Penna, Maria; Orru, Germano; Kalcev, Goce; Cabras, Federico; Lorrai, Stefano; Loviselli, Andrea; Velluzzi, Fernanda; Monticone, Marco; Cacace, Enrico; Musu, Mario; Rongioletti, Franco; Cauli, Alberto; Ruggiero, Valeria; Scano, Alessandra; Crisafulli, Antonio; Cosentino, Sofia; Atzori, Laura; Massa, Elena; Mela, Quirico; Fortin, Dario; Migliaccio, Gianmario; Nardi, Antonio Egidio; Angermeyer, Matthias; Preti, Antonio TRIALS
Supervised aquatic-based exercise for men with coronary artery disease: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials 2020 Cugusi, L.; Manca, A.; Bassareo, P. P.; Crisafulli, A.; Deriu, F.; Mercuro, G. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY
Exercise intolerance and fatigue in chronic heart failure: is there a role for group III/IV afferent feedback? 2020 Angius, L.; Crisafulli, A. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY
Factors predisposing to hypertension in subjects formerly born preterm: Renal impairment, arterial stiffness, endothelial dysfunction or something else? 2020 Crisafulli, A.; Bassareo, P. P.; Calcaterra, G.; Kelleher, S.; Mercuro, G. CURRENT HYPERTENSION REVIEWS
The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Challenge for the Cardiovascular Health 2020 Crisafulli, A.; Pagliaro, P. CURRENT CARDIOLOGY REVIEWS
Letter about the recent paper by Lam et al. 2020 Crisafulli, A. EXPERIMENTAL PHYSIOLOGY
Mechanisms Involved in Cardioprotection Induced by Physical Exercise 2020 Penna, C.; Alloatti, G.; Crisafulli, A. ANTIOXIDANTS & REDOX SIGNALING
Effect of Combined Mental Task and Metaboreflex Activation on Hemodynamics and Cerebral Oxygenation in Patients With Metabolic Syndrome 2020 Doneddu, A.; Roberto, S.; Pinna, V.; Magnani, S.; Ghiani, G.; Sainas, G.; Mulliri, G.; Serra, S.;... Hosseini Kakhak, S. A.; Milia, R.; Lecis, R.; Guicciardi, M.; Crisafulli, A. FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY
Diabetic cardiomyopathy and ischemic heart disease: Prevention and therapy by exercise and conditioning 2020 Crisafulli, A.; Pagliaro, P.; Roberto, S.; Cugusi, L.; Mercuro, G.; Lazou, A.; Beauloye, C.; Bert...rand, L.; Hausenloy, D.; Aragno, M.; Penna, C. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
Lower percentage of fat mass among tai chi chuan practitioners 2020 Stagi, S.; Doneddu, A.; Mulliri, G.; Ghiani, G.; Succa, V.; Crisafulli, A.; Marini, E. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
Muscle Oxygen Delivery in the Forearm and in the Vastus Lateralis Muscles in Response to Resistance Exercise: A Comparison Between Nepalese Porters and Italian Trekkers 2020 Verratti, V.; Bondi, D.; Mulliri, G.; Ghiani, G.; Crisafulli, A.; Pietrangelo, T.; Marinozzi, M. ...E.; Cerretelli, P. FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY
Editorial: Cardiovascular Adjustments and Adaptations to Exercise: From the Athlete to the Patient 2020 Crisafulli, A.; Piepoli, M.; Thijssen, D. H. J.; Bassareo, P. P. FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY
Ischemia–Reperfusion Intervention: From Enhancements in Exercise Performance to Accelerated Performance Recovery—A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 2020 Arriel, R. A.; Ferreira Rodrigues, J.; Rodrigues de Souza, H. L.; Meireles, A.; Moutinho Leitão, ...L. F.; Crisafulli, A.; Marocolo, M. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
Affective variables and cognitive performances during exercise in a group of adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus 2020 Guicciardi, Marco; Fadda, Daniela; Fanari, Rachele; Doneddu, Azzurra; Crisafulli, Antonio FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
Gender differences in hemodynamic regulation and cardiovascular adaptations to dynamic exercise 2020 Bassareo, P. P.; Crisafulli, A. CURRENT CARDIOLOGY REVIEWS
A brief bout of exercise in hypoxia reduces ventricular filling rate and stroke volume response during muscle metaboreflex activation 2020 Mulliri, G.; Magnani, S.; Roberto, S.; Sechi, F.; Ghiani, G.; Sainas, G.; Nughedu, G.; Hosseini K...akhak, S. A.; Bassareo, P. P.; Crisafulli, A. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY
Infective endocarditis triangle. Is it the time to revisit infective endocarditis susceptibility and indications for its antibiotic prophylaxis? 2019 Calcaterra, G.; Crisafulli, A.; Guccione, P.; Di Salvo, G.; Bassareo, Pp EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY
Effects of metabolic syndrome on cognitive performance of adults during exercise 2019 Guicciardi, Marco; Crisafulli, Antonio; Doneddu, Azzurra; Fadda, Daniela; Lecis, Romina FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
Zumba Fitness and Women’s Cardiovascular Health: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW 2019 Cugusi, Lucia; Manca, Andrea; Bergamin, Marco; Di Blasio, Andrea; Joo Yeo, Tee; Crisafulli,; Mercuro, Giuseppe JOURNAL OF CARDIOPULMONARY REHABILITATION AND PREVENTION
Hemodynamic abnormalities during muscle metaboreflex activation in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus 2019 Roberto, S.; Milia, R.; Doneddu, A.; Pinna, V.; Palazzolo, G.; Serra, S.; Orrù, A.; Hosseini Kakh...ak, S. A.; Ghiani, G.; Mulliri, G.; Pagliaro, P.; Crisafulli, A. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY
Fatigue, as measured using the Modified Fatigue Impact Scale, is a predictor of processing speed improvement induced by exercise in patients with multiple sclerosis: data from a randomized controlled trial 2018 Coghe, Giancarlo; Corona, Federica; Marongiu, Elisabetta; Fenu, Giuseppe; Frau, Jessica; Lorefice..., Lorena; Crisafulli, Antonio; Galli, Manuela; Concu, Alberto; Marrosu, Maria Giovanna; Pau, Massimiliano; Cocco, Eleonora JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY
Blood Flow Restriction Training Reduces Blood Pressure During Exercise Without Affecting Metaboreflex Activity 2018 Crisafulli, A.; Farias, R. R.; Farinatti, P. T. V.; Lopes, K. G.; Milia, R.; Sainas, G.; Pinna, V....; Palazzolo, G.; Doneddu, A.; Magnani, S.; Mulliri, G.; Roberto, S.; Oliveira, R. B. FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY
Occurrence of cardiac output decrease (via stroke volume) is more pronounced in women than in men during prolonged dry static apnea. 2018 Magnani, Sara; Mulliri, Gabriele; Sainas, Gianmarco; Ghiani, Giovanna; Pinna, Virginia; Sanna, Ir...ene; Crisafulli, Antonio; Tocco, Filippo. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY
Cardiorespiratory responses and myocardial function within incremental exercise in healthy unmedicated older vs. young men and women 2018 Farinatti, Paulo; Monteiro, Walace; Oliveira, Ricardo; Crisafulli, Antonio AGING CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH
Impaired endothelial function in hereditary angioedema during the symptom-free period 2018 Firinu, Davide; Bassareo, Pier P.; Zedda, Angela M.; Barca, Maria P.; Crisafulli, Antonio; Mercur...o, Giuseppe; Del Giacco, Stefano FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY
Metaboreflex-mediated hemodynamic abnormalities in individuals with coronary artery disease without overt signs or symptoms of heart failure 2018 Magnani, Sara; Roberto, Silvana; Sainas, Gianmarco; Milia, Raffaele; Palazzolo, Girolamo; Cugusi,... Lucia; Pinna, Virginia; Doneddu, Azzurra; Hosseini Kakhak, Seyed Alireza; Tocco, Filippo; Mercuro, Giuseppe; Crisafulli, Antonio AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY. HEART AND CIRCULATORY PHYSIOLOGY
Quantitative assessment of the effects of 6 months of adapted physical activity on gait in people with multiple sclerosis: a randomized controlled trial 2018 Pau, Massimiliano; Corona, Federica; Coghe, Giancarlo; Marongiu, Elisabetta; Loi, A; Crisafulli, ...Antonio; Concu, A; Galli, M; Marrosu, MARIA GIOVANNA; Cocco, Eleonora DISABILITY AND REHABILITATION
Case study: physical capacity and nutritional status before and after a single-handed yacht race 2018 Ghiani, G.; Magnani, S.; Doneddu, A.; Sainas, G.; Pinna, V.; Caboi, M.; Palazzolo, G.; Tocco, F.;... Crisafulli, A. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPORT NUTRITION AND EXERCISE METABOLISM
Energy expenditure in caving (dataset) 2017 Antoni, Giorgia; Marini, Elisabetta; Curreli, Nicoletta; Tuveri, Valerio; Comandini, Ornella; Cab...ras, Stefano; Gabba, Silvia; Madeddu, Clelia; Crisafulli, Antonio; Rinaldi, Andrea University of Cagliari
Hemodynamic responses during enduro-motorcycling performance 2017 Sanna, Irene; Pinna, Virginia; Milia, Raffaele; Roberto, Silvana; Olla, Sergio; Mulliri, Gabriele...; Crisafulli, Antonio FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY
Consequences of type 1 and 2 Diabetes Mellitus on the cardiovascular regulation during exercise: A brief review 2017 Roberto, Silvana; Crisafulli, Antonio CURRENT DIABETES REVIEW
Energy expenditure in caving 2017 Antoni, Giorgia; Marini, Elisabetta; Curreli, Nicoletta; Tuveri, Valerio; Comandini, Ornella; Cab...ras, Stefano; Gabba, Silvia; Madeddu, Clelia; Crisafulli, Antonio; Rinaldi, Andrea C. PLOS ONE
Hemodynamic response to muscle reflex is abnormal in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction 2017 Roberto, S; Mulliri, G; Milia, R; Solinas, R; Pinna, V; Sainas, G; Piepoli, MF; Crisafulli, A JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY
Physical capacity and energy expenditure of cavers 2017 Pinna, Virginia; Magnani, Sara; Sainas, Gianmarco; Ghiani, GIOVANNA MARIA; Vanni, Samuele; Olla, ...Sergio; Marini, Elisabetta; Curreli, Nicoletta; Cabras, Stefano; Paulo, Farinatti; Antoni, Giorgia; Tocco, Filippo; Rinaldi, Andrea c.; Crisafulli, Antonio FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY
The impact of cardiovascular diseases on cardiovascular regulation during exercise in humans: Studies on metaboreflex activation elicited by the post-exercise muscle ischemia method 2017 Crisafulli, Antonio CURRENT CARDIOLOGY REVIEWS
A mechatronic pneumatic device to improve diastolic function by intermittent action on lower limbs 2017 Andrea Manuello Bertetto, ; Silvia, Meili; Carlo, Ferraresi; Daniela, Maffiodo; Antonio,; Alberto, Concu INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY
Commentaries on Viewpoint: Could small-diameter muscle afferents be responsible for the ergogenic effect of limb ischemic preconditioning? 2017 Angius, L.; Crisafulli, Antonio; Hureau, T. J.; Broxterman, R. M.; Amann, M.; Incognito, A. V.; B...urr, J. F.; Millar, P. J.; Jones, H.; Thijssen, D. J.; Patterson, S. D.; Jeffries, O.; Waldron, M.; Silva, B. M.; Lopes, T. R.; Vianna, L. C.; Smith, J. R.; Copp, S. W.; Van Guilder, G. P.; Zuo, L.; Chuang, C. C. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY
Comparison Between Impedance Cardiography And Echocardiography During Metaboreflex Activation In Heart Failure: 922 Board #238 June 1, 2: 00 PM - 3: 30 PM 2016 Magnani, Sara; Tocco, Filippo; Ghiani, Giovanna; Marongiu, Elisabetta; Sainas, Gianamrco; Crisafu...lli, Antonio MEDICINE AND SCIENCE IN SPORTS AND EXERCISE
Hydroxytyrosol but not resveratrol ingestion induced an acute increment of post exercise blood flow in brachial artery 2016 Sarais G; Crisafulli A; Concu D; Fois A; Raweh A; Concu A HEALTH
Ischemic preconditioning reduces hemodynamic response during metaboreflex activation 2016 Mulliri, G; Sainas, G; Magnani, S; Palazzolo, G; Milia, N; Orrù, A; Roberto, S; Marongiu, E; Mili...a, R; Crisafulli, A AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY. REGULATORY, INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY
A 12-week vigorous exercise protocol in a healthy group of persons over 65: study of physical function by means of the senior fitness test 2016 Todde F; Melis F; Mura R; Pau M; Fois F; Magnani S; Ibba G; Crisafulli A; Tocco F BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
The Required Coefficient of Friction for evaluating gait alterations in people with Multiple Sclerosis during gait 2016 Pacifici, Ilaria; Galli, Manuela; Kleiner, Ana; Corona, Federica; Coghe, Giancarlo; Marongiu, Eli...sabetta; Loi, Andrea; Crisafulli, Antonio; Cocco, Eleonora; Marrosu, Maria Giovanna; Pau, Massimiliano MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND RELATED DISORDERS
EFFECTS OF SIX MONTHS TRAINING ON PHYSICAL CAPACITY AND METABOREFLEX ACTIVITY IN PATIENTS WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. 2016 Magnani, S.; Olla, S.; Pau, M.; Palazzolo, G.; Tocco, F.; Doneddu, A.; Marcelli, M.; Loi, A.; Cor...ona, F.; Corona, F.; Coghe, G; Marrosu, M.G.; Concu, A; Cocco, E.; Marongiu, E.; Crisafulli, A. FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY
Diving response after a one-week diet and overnight fasting 2016 Ghiani, G; Marongiu, E; Olla, S; Pinna, M; Pusceddu, M; Palazzolo, G; Sanna, I; Roberto, S; Crisa...fulli, A; Tocco, F JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SPORTS NUTRITION
Cardio-metabolic responses during horse riding at three different speeds 2016 Sainas, G; Melis, S; Corona, F; Loi, A; Ghiani, G; Milia, R; Tocco, F; Marongiu, E; Crisafulli, A EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY
Mean blood pressure assessment during post-exercise: Result from two different methods of calculation 2016 Sainas, Gianmarco; Milia, Raffaele; Palazzolo, Girolamo; Ibba, Gianfranco; Marongiu, Elisabetta; ...Roberto, Silvana; Pinna, Virginia; Ghiani, Giovanna; Tocco, Filippo; Crisafulli, Antonio JOURNAL OF SPORTS SCIENCE AND MEDICINE

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