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Night shift work and lymphoma: results from an Italian multicentre case–control study 2022 Cocco, Pierluigi; Piro, Sara; Meloni, Federico; Montagna, Andrea; Pani, Michele; Pilia, Ilaria; P...adoan, Marina; Miligi, Lucia; Magnani, Corrado; Gambelunghe, Angela; Muzi, Giacomo; Ferri, Giovanni Maria; Vimercati, Luigi; Zanotti, Roberta; Scarpa, Aldo; Zucca, Mariagrazia; Latte, Gian Carlo; Angelucci, Emanuele; De Matteis, Sara; Puligheddu, Monica OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE
Vaccination against seasonal influenza and socio-economic and environmental factors as determinants of the geographic variation of COVID-19 incidence and mortality in the Italian elderly 2021 Cocco, P.; Meloni, F.; Coratza, A.; Schirru, D.; Campagna, M.; De Matteis, S. PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
Occupational exposure to organic dust and risk of lymphoma subtypes in the EPILYMPH case-control study 2021 Cocco, Pierluigi; Satta, Giannina; Meloni, Federico; Pilia, Ilaria; Ahmed, Fahad; Becker, Nikolau...s; Casabonne, Delphine; de Sanjosé, Silvia; Foretova, Lenka; Maynadié, Marc; Nieters, Alexandra; Staines, Anthony; 't Mannetje, Andrea; Zucca, Mariagrazia; Ennas, Maria Grazia; Campagna, Marcello; De Matteis, Sara; Benavente, Yolanda SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF WORK, ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH
Chapter 7 - Methods of exposure assessment to pesticides in agriculture in epidemiological studies 2021 Consonni, Dario; De Matteis, Sara Elsevier
Cleaning products and respiratory health outcomes in occupational cleaners: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2021 Archangelidi, O.; Sathiyajit, S.; Consonni, D.; Jarvis, D.; De Matteis, S. OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE
Impact of an asbestos cement factory on mesothelioma incidence in a community in Italy 2020 Consonni, D.; De Matteis, S.; Dallari, B.; Pesatori, A. C.; Riboldi, L.; Mensi, C. ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH
Mapping the co-benefits of climate change action to issues of public concern in the UK: a narrative review 2020 Jennings, N.; Fecht, D.; De Matteis, S. THE LANCET. PLANETARY HEALTH
Respiratory Health Effects of Exposure to Cleaning Products 2020 De Matteis, S.; Ronsmans, S.; Nemery, B. CLINICS IN CHEST MEDICINE
Chapter 6 - Introduction to epidemiological methods for studying effects of exposure to pesticides 2020 Consonni, Dario; De Matteis, Sara Elsevier
Air pollution, lung function and COPD: results from the population-based UK Biobank study 2019 Doiron, D.; de Hoogh, K.; Probst-Hensch, N.; Fortier, I.; Cai, Y.; De Matteis, S.; Hansell, A. L. EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
The occupations at increased risk of COPD: analysis of lifetime job-histories in the population-based UK Biobank Cohort 2019 De Matteis, S.; Jarvis, D.; Darnton, A.; Hutchings, S.; Sadhra, S.; Fishwick, D.; Rushton, L.; Cu...llinan, P. EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Maximizing the Public Health Benefits from Climate Action 2018 Thurston, G. D.; De Matteis, S.; Murray, K.; Scheelbeek, P.; Scovronick, N.; Budolfson, M.; Spear...s, D.; Vineis, P. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
Targeting WEE1 to enhance conventional therapies for acute lymphoblastic leukemia 2018 Ghelli Luserna Di Rora, A.; Beeharry, N.; Imbrogno, E.; Ferrari, A.; Robustelli, V.; Righi, S.; S...abattini, E.; Verga Falzacappa, M. V.; Ronchini, C.; Testoni, N.; Baldazzi, C.; Papayannidis, C.; Abbenante, M. C.; Marconi, G.; Paolini, S.; Parisi, S.; Sartor, C.; Fontana, M. C.; De Matteis, S.; Iacobucci, I.; Pelicci, P. G.; Cavo, M.; Yen, T. J.; Martinelli, G. JOURNAL OF HEMATOLOGY & ONCOLOGY
A joint ERS/ATS policy statement: what constitutes an adverse health effect of air pollution? An analytical framework 2017 Thurston, Gd; Kipen, H; Annesi-Maesano, I; Balmes, J; Brook, Rd; Cromar, K; De Matteis, S; Forast...iere, F; Forsberg, B; Frampton, Mw; Grigg, J; Heederik, D; Kelly, Fj; Kuenzli, N; Laumbach, R; Peters, A; Rajagopalan, St; Rich, D; Ritz, B; Samet, Jm; Sandstrom, T; Sigsgaard, T; Sunyer, J; Brunekreef, B EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Current and new challenges in occupational lung diseases 2017 De Matteis, S.; Heederik, D.; Burdorf, A.; Colosio, C.; Cullinan, P.; Henneberger, PK.; Olsson, A....; Raynal, A.; Rooijackers, J.; Santonen, T.; Sastre, J.; Schlünssen, V.; Van Tongeren, M.; Sigsgaard, T. EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY REVIEW
Occupational self-coding automatic recording (OSCAR): a novel web-based tool to collect and code lifetime job histories in large population-based studies 2017 De Matteis, S; Jarvis, D; Young, H; Young, A; Allen, N; Potts, J; Darnton, A; Rushton, L; Cullina...n, P SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF WORK, ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH
Understanding the Influence of Genes, Diet, and Occupation on Respiratory Health 2016 Amaral, Afs; Larsen, Vg; De Matteis, S; Minelli, C AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE
Are welders more at risk of respiratory infections? Findings from a cross-sectional survey and analysis of medical records in shipyard workers: the WELSHIP project 2016 Marongiu, A; Hasan, O; Ali, A; Bakhsh, S; George, B; Irfan, N; Minelli, C; Canova, C; Schofield, ...S; De Matteis, S; Cullinan, P THORAX
Incidence of mesothelioma in Lombardy, Italy: exposure to asbestos, time patterns and future projections 2016 Mensi, C; De Matteis, S; Dallari, B; Riboldi, L; Bertazzi, Pa; Consonni, D OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE
Occupations associated with COPD risk in the large population-based UK Biobank cohort study 2016 De Matteis, S; Jarvis, D; Hutchings, S; Darnton, A; Fishwick, D; Sadhra, S; Rushton, L; Cullinan, P OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE
A new spirometry-based algorithm to predict occupational pulmonary restrictive impairment 2016 De Matteis, S; Iridoy-Zulet, A; Aaron, S; Swann, A; Cullinan, P OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE
Lung cancer risk among bricklayers in a pooled analysis of case-control studies 2015 Consonni, D; De Matteis, S; Pesatori, Ac; Bertazzi, Pa; Olsson, Ac; Kromhout, H; Peters, S; Verme...ulen, Rch; Pesch, B; Bruning, T; Kendzia, B; Behrens, T; Stucker, I; Guida, F; Wichmann, He; Bruske, I; Landi, Mt; Caporaso, Ne; Gustavsson, P; Plato, N; Tse, La; Yu, Its; Jockel, Kh; Ahrens, W; Pohlabeln, H; Merletti, F; Richiardi, L; Simonato, L; Forastiere, F; Siemiatycki, J; Parent, Me; Tardon, A; Boffetta, P; Zaridze, D; Chen, Y; Field, Jk; 't Mannetje, A; Pearce, N; McLaughlin, J; Demers, P; Lissowska, J; Szeszenia-Dabrowska, N; Bencko, V; Foretova, L; Janout, V; Rudnai, P; Fabianova, E; Dumitru, Rs; Bueno-de-Mesquita, Hb; Schuz, J; Straif, K INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER
Occupational asthma in cleaners: a challenging black box 2015 De Matteis, S; Cullinan, P OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE
Are Women Who Smoke at Higher Risk for Lung Cancer Than Men Who Smoke? 2013 De Matteis, S; Consonni, D; Pesatori, Ac; Bergen, Aw; Bertazzi, Pa; Caporaso, Ne; Lubin, Jh; Wach...older, S; Landi, Mt AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
Impact of occupational carcinogens on lung cancer risk in a general population (vol 41, pg 711, 2012) 2013 De Matteis, S; Consonni, D; Lubin, Jh; Tucker, M; Peters, S; Vermeulen, Rch; Kromhout, H; Bertazz...i, Pa; Caporaso, Ne; Pesatori, Ac; Wacholder, S; Landi, Mt INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
Increased lung cancer risk among bricklayers in an Italian population-based case-control study 2012 Consonni, D.; De Matteis, S.; Pesatori, A. C.; Cattaneo, A.; Cavallo, D. M.; Lubin, J. H.; Tucker..., M.; Bertazzi, P. A.; Caporaso, N. E.; Wacholder, S.; Landi, M. T. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE
Lung cancer and occupation in a population-based case-control study 2010 Consonni, D.; De Matteis, S.; Lubin, J. H.; Wacholder, S.; Tucker, M.; Pesatori, A. C.; Caporaso,... N. E.; Bertazzi, P. A.; Landi, M. T. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY

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