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Title Issue Date Author(s) Journal Publisher
Evaluating the effect of the introduction of the euro on tourist flows: a synthetic control approach 2019 Addessi, W.; Biagi, B.; Brandano, M. G. WORLD ECONOMY
Population age structure and consumption expenditure composition: Evidence from European countries 2018 Addessi, W. ECONOMICS LETTERS
Impact of Changes in Consumer Preferences on Sectoral Labour Reallocation: Evidence from the Italian Economy 2017 Addessi, W.; Pulina, M.; Sallusti, F. OXFORD BULLETIN OF ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS
The productivity effect of permanent and temporary labor contracts in the Italian manufacturing sector 2014 Addessi, W. ECONOMIC MODELLING
R&D, innovation activity, and the use of external numerical flexibility 2014 Addessi, W.; Saltari, E.; Tilli, R. ECONOMIC MODELLING
Preference shifts and the change of consumption composition 2014 Addessi, W. ECONOMICS LETTERS
The perverse effect of debt tax benefits on firm investment decisions 2012 Addessi, W.; Saltari, E. ECONOMIC NOTES
Preference shifts between consumption goods and sectoral changes 2011 Addessi, W.; Busato, F. ECONOMICS LETTERS
Relative-preference shifts and the business cycle 2010 Addessi, W.; Busato, F. THE B.E. JOURNAL OF MACROECONOMICS
Fair wages, labor relations and asset returns 2009 Addessi, W.; Busato, F. JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL STABILITY

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