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Title Issue Date Author(s) Journal Publisher
Definability and approximations in triangulated categories 2020 Laking, Rosanna; Vitória, Jorge PACIFIC JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS
Partial silting objects and smashing subcategories 2020 Lidia Angeleri Hügel, ; Frederik, Marks; Jorge, Vitória MATHEMATISCHE ZEITSCHRIFT
Flat ring epimorphisms and universal localizations of commutative rings 2020 Hugel, L. A.; Marks, F.; Stovicek, J.; Takahashi, R.; Vitoria, J. QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS
A characterisation of τ-tilting finite algebras 2019 Angeleri Hugel, Lidia; Marks, Frederik; Dos Santos Vitoria, Jorge Nuno American Mathematical Society
Properties of abelian categories via recollements 2019 Parra, Carlos E.; Vitória, Jorge JOURNAL OF PURE AND APPLIED ALGEBRA
Representations of commutative rings via the prime spectrum 2019 Vitoria, Jorge CIM BULLETIN
Quantity vs. size in representation theory 2019 Jorge, Vitoria BOLETIM DA SOCIEDADE PORTUGUESA DE MATEMÁTICA
Silting and cosilting classes in derived categories 2018 Marks, Frederik; Vitória, Jorge JOURNAL OF ALGEBRA
Realisation functors in tilting theory 2018 Psaroudakis, Chrysostomos; Vitória, Jorge MATHEMATISCHE ZEITSCHRIFT
Torsion pairs in silting theory 2017 Hügel, Lidia Angeleri; Marks, Frederik; Vitória, Jorge PACIFIC JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS
Silting modules and ring epimorphisms 2016 Angeleri Hügel, Lidia; Marks, Frederik; DOS SANTOS VITORIA, Jorge Nuno ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Silting modules 2016 Hügel, Lidia Angeleri; Marks, Frederik; Vitoria, Jorge INTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICS RESEARCH NOTICES
From ring epimorphisms to universal localisations 2015 Marks, Frederik; Vitória, Jorge FORUM MATHEMATICUM
Gluing silting objects 2014 Liu, Qunhua; Vitória, Jorge; Yang, Dong NAGOYA MATHEMATICAL JOURNAL
Perverse coherent t-structures through torsion theories 2014 Vitória, Jorge ALGEBRAS AND REPRESENTATION THEORY
Recollements of module categories 2014 Psaroudakis, Chrysostomos; Vitória, Jorge APPLIED CATEGORICAL STRUCTURES
t-structures via recollements for piecewise hereditary algebras 2012 Liu, Qunhua; Vitória, Jorge JOURNAL OF PURE AND APPLIED ALGEBRA
Aljavas, caminhos e representações 2012 Vitoria, Jorge IST Press
Mutations vs. Seiberg duality 2009 Vitória, Jorge JOURNAL OF ALGEBRA

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