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Intramural spread of colorectal carcinoma. Considerations on the limits of excision and long-term prognosis] 1986 PISANO G; LEDDA P; FAA G MINERVA CHIRURGICA
Hexose monophosphate shunt and cholesterogenesis in lead-induced kidney hyperplasia 1987 Ledda-Columbano GM; Columbano A; Dessi S; Coni P; Chiodino C; Faa G; Pani P CHEMICO-BIOLOGICAL INTERACTIONS
Uneven copper distribution in the human newborn liver 1987 Faa G; Liguori C; Columbano A; Diaz G HEPATOLOGY
Cell proliferation in rat kidney induced by 1,2-dibromoethane 1987 Ledda-Columbano GM; Columbano A; Coni P; Curto M; Faa G; Pani P
Primary hepatocarcinoma and hepatitis B virus in Sardinia 1988 Lai M E; Faa G; Farci P; Liguori C; Figus A; Costa V; Balestrieri A PATHOLOGICA
An association of cancer arising in a polyp and simultaneous colorectal carcinoma. Incidence, histopathologic, therapeutic and prognostic data 1988 PISANO G; LEDDA P; MARONGIU L; PINNA AD; FAA G MINERVA CHIRURGICA
Cell deletion by apoptosis during regression of renal hyperplasia. 1989 Ledda-Columbano G M; Columbano A; Coni P; Faa G; Pani P THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Variability of copper levels in biopsy tissue from a cirrhotic liver 1990 Faa G; Diaz G; Farci G; Lai M L; Pilleri G; Liguori C; Costa V JOURNAL TRACE ELEMENTS ELECTROLYTES IN HEALTH AND DISEASE
L-leucyl beta-naphtylamidase activity and differentiation of adult human prostate 1990 SIRIGU P; PERRA MT; MULAS ML; FAA G ARCHIVES OF ANDROLOGY
Copper distribution within and between newborn livers 1990 Diaz G; Faa G; Farci A M; Balestrieri A; Liguori C; Costa V JOURNAL TRACE ELEMENTS ELECTROLYTES IN HEALTH AND DISEASE
Local recurrence caused by direct implantation from cancer of the colon; findings of a case report 1991 PISANO G; GHINAMI E; FAA G; CAGETTI M IL GIORNALE DI CHIRURGIA
Identification of PiZ gene products in liver tissue by a monoclonal antibody specific for the Z mutant of alpha 1-antitrypsin 1991 CALLEA F; BRISIGOTTI M; FAA G; LUCINI L; ERIKSSON S JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
Light chain deposition disease of the liver associated with AL-type amyloidosis and severe cholestasis 1991 FAA G; VAN EYKEN P; DE VOS R; FEVERY J; VAN DAMME B; DE GROOTE J; DESMET VJ JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
Uterine leiomyoma cytogenetics. II. Report of forty cases 1991 Vanni R; Lecca U; Faa G CANCER GENETICS AND CYTOGENETICS
Induction of 2 different modes of cell-death, apoptosis and necrosis, in rat-liver after a single dose of thioacetamide 1991 LEDDA-COLUMBANO GM; CONI P; CURTO M; GIACOMINI L; FAA G; OLIVERIO S; PIACENTINI M; COLUMBANO A THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Idiopathic adulthood ductopenia presenting with chronic recurrent cholestasis. A case report 1991 Faa G; Vaneyken P; Demelia L; Vallebona E; Costa V; Desmet VJ JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
Mitogen-induced liver hyperplasia does not substitute for compensatory regeneration during promotion of chemical hepatocarcinogenesis 1992 Ledda-Columbano G M; Coni P; Curto M; Giacomini L; Faa G; Sarma D S; Columbano A CARCINOGENESIS
Early ultrastructural changes during thioacetamide-induced apoptosis in rat liver 1992 Faa G.; Ambu R; Congiu T.; Costa V.; Ledda-Columbano G.M.; Coni P.; Curto M.; Giacomini L.; Colum...bano A. JOURNAL OF SUBMICROSCOPIC CYTOLOGY AND PATHOLOGY
Genetic variants of alpha-1-antitrypsin (AAT) 1992 FABBRETTI G; SERGI C; CONSALES G; FAA G; BRISIGOTTI M; ROMEO G; CALLEA F LIVER

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