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Role of GABA neurons in the expression of striatal motor functions 1981 DI CHIARA G; PORCEDDU M L; IMPERATO A; MORELLI M ADVANCES IN BIOCHEMICAL PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY Raven Press New York
Role of substantia nigra pars reticulata neurons in the expression of neuroleptic-induced catalepsy 1981 Morelli M; Porceddu M L; Imperato A; Di Chiara G BRAIN RESEARCH
Role of dorsal mesencephalic reticular formation and deep layers of superior colliculus as out-put stations for turning behaviour elicited from the substantia nigra pars reticulata 1981 Imperato A; Porceddu M L; Morelli M; Faa G; Di Chiara G BRAIN RESEARCH
On the role of mesencephalic reticular formation and superior colliculus in the expression of dopaminergic behavioural syndromes 1982 DI CHIARA G; MORELLI M; IMPERATO A; PORCEDDU ML Pergamon Press
A re-evaluation of the role of superior colliculus in turning behaviour 1982 Di Chiara G; Morelli M; Imperato A; Porceddu M L BRAIN RESEARCH
A novel triazolopyridazine, [3H]CL 218,872 which labels the benzodiazepine receptor in rat brain 1982 YAMAMURA H.I; MIMAKI T; YAMAMURA S.H; HORST W.D; MORELLI M; BAUTZ G; O’BRIEN R.A Pergamon Press
The effect of GABA on in vitro binding of two novel non-benzodiazepines, PK 8165 and CGS 8216, to benzodiazepine receptors in the rat brain 1982 Morelli M; Gee K W; Yamamura H I LIFE SCIENCES
[3H]CL 218,872, a novel triazolopyridazine which labels the benzodiazepine receptors in rat brain 1982 Yamamura H I; Mimaki T; Yamamura S H; Horst W D; Morelli M; Bautz G; O'Brien R A EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY
The role of the dorsal mesencephalic reticular formation and deep layers of the superior colliculus in the turning behavior originating from the corpus striatum 1982 Morelli M; Di Chiara G; Yamamura HI PROCEEDINGS OF THE WESTERN PHARMACOLOGY SOCIETY
[3H]Ro5-4864 benzodiazepine binding in the kainate lesioned striatum and Huntington's diseased basal ganglia 1982 Schoemaker H; Morelli M; Deshmukh P; Yamamura H I BRAIN RESEARCH
The effect of temperature on CL 218872 and propyl beta-carboline-3-carboxylate inhibition of [3H]-flunitrazepam binding in rat brain 1982 Gee K W; Morelli M; Yamamura H I BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS
Immunohistochemical localization of Leu-enkephalin and glutamic acid decarboxylase in the nucleus caudatus of the rat 1983 MORELLI M; DEL FIACCO M; WU J.Y; DI CHIARA G. Pergamon Press
Coexistence of GABA and enkefalin striatal neurons and possibile coupling of GABA-ergic and opiatergic systems in the basal ganglia 1984 MORELLI M; DI CHIARA G NEUROPHARMACOLOGY
Output pathways mediating basal ganglia function 1984 DI CHIARA G; MORELLI M Plenum
Coexistence of GABA and enkephalin striatal neurons and possible coupling of GABA-ergic and opiatergic systems in the basal ganglia 1984 Morelli M; Di Chiara G NEUROPHARMACOLOGY
Non-dopaminergic mechanisms in the turning behavior evoked by intranigral opiates. 1985 Morelli M; Di Chiara G BRAIN RESEARCH
Catalepsy induced by SCH 23390 in rats. 1985 Morelli M; Di Chiara G EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY
Antagonism of apomorphine-induced yawning by SCH 23390: evidence against the autoreceptor hypothesis 1986 Morelli M; Longoni R; Spina L; Di Chiara G PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
μ and k opiate receptors mediate specific behavioural syndromes from the substantia nigra 1986 MORELLI M; DI CHIARA G Springer-Verlag/Liviana Press
Dihydroergotoxine potentiation of thioridazine-induced hypomotility 1986 Morelli M; Franch F; Di Chiara G PHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS

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