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Influence of estrogens and antiestrogens on the expression of selected hormone-responsive genes 2007 Sismondi P; Biglia N; Ponzone R; Fuso L; Scafoglio C; Cicatiello L; Ravo M; Weisz A; Cimino D; Al...tobelli G; Friard O; De Bortoli M. MATURITAS
Integrated Analysis of Estrogen -Responsive Transcriptome and Estrogen Receptor alpha Binding to Chromatin in Breast Cancer Cells. 2008 MUTARELLI M; RAVO M; FERRARO L; GROBER OMV; TARALLO R; PARIS O; CICATIELLO L; A. WEISZ -
Quantitative expression profiling of highly degraded RNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded breast tumor biopsies by oligonucleotide microarrays 2008 Ravo M; Mutarelli M; Ferraro L; Grober OM; Paris O; Tarallo R; Vigilante A; Cimino D; De Bortoli ...M; Nola E; Cicatiello L; Weisz A. LABORATORY INVESTIGATION
Integrated Analysis of the Estrogen-Responsive Transcriptome and Estrogen Receptor (ER)-α Binding to Chromatin in Breast Cancer Cells. 2008 MUTARELLI M; CICATIELLO L; RAVO M; PARIS O; TARALLO R; FERRARO L; GROBER OMV; VIGILANTE A; NOLA E...; A. WEISZ THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
MicroRNA Expression Profiling of Hormone-Responsive Human Breast Cancer Cells Lines. 2008 FERRARO L; CICATIELLO L; MUTARELLI M; RAVO M; GROBER O.M.V; SACCONI G; A. WEISZ THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Accelerated entry into S phase and increased hepatocyte proliferation in c-jun conditional knock-out mice following administration of the CAR agonist TCPOBOP 2008 LEONI V; SIMULA M; PIBIRI M; KOWALIK MA; RAVO M; GROBER OMV; A. WEISZ; LEDDA COLUMBANO GM; COLUMB...ANO A -
Time-course analysis of genome-wide gene expression data from hormone-responsive human breast cancer cells. 2008 Mutarelli M; Cicatiello L; Ferraro L; Grober OM; Ravo M; Facchiano AM; Angelini C; Weisz A BMC BIOINFORMATICS
Identification of a hormone-regulated dynamic actin network associated with estrogen receptro alpha in human breast cancer cell nuclei 2010 Ambrosino C; Tarallo R; Bamundo A; Cuomo D; Franci G; Nassa G; Paris O; Ravo M; Giovane A; N; Lepikhova T; Jänne OA; Baumann M; Nyman TA; Cicatiello L; Weisz A. MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS
The p63 target HBP-1 regulates terminal keratinocyte differentiation. 2010 BORRELLI S; CANDI E; RAVO M; GROBER OMV; A. WEISZ; MELINO G; VIGANÒ MA; MANTOVANI R CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION
The p63 target HBP1 is required for skin differentiation and stratification 2010 Borrelli S; Candi E; Hu B; Dolfini D; Ravo M; Grober OM; Weisz A; Dotto GP; Melino G; Viganò MA; ...Mantovani R. CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION
Estrogen receptor alpha controls a gene network in luminal-like breast cancer cells comprising multiple transcription factors and microRNAs 2010 Cicatiello L; Mutarelli M; Grober OM; Paris O; Ferraro L; Ravo M; Tarallo R; Luo S; Schroth GP; S...eifert M; Zinser C; Chiusano ML; Traini A; De Bortoli M; Weisz A THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Differences in miRNA expression profiles between ERβ- and ERβ+ breast tumors in vivo and human breast cancer cell lines in vitro reveal a role of these small non-coding RNAs in the hormone-responsive cancer phenotype. 2010 DE FILIPPO M.R; PARIS O; FERRARO L; GIURATO G; RAVO M; GROBER O.M.V; CICATIELLO L; DI BENEDETTO A...; MOTTOLESE M; A. WEISZ THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
C/EBPδ gene targets in human keratinocytes 2010 Borrelli S; Fanoni D; Dolfini D; Alotto D; Ravo M; Grober OM; Weisz A; Castagnoli C; Berti E; Vig...ano MA; Mantovani R PLOS ONE
The reverse transcription inhibitor Abacavir shows anticancer activity in PC3 prostate cancer cell line 2010 Carlini F; Ridolfi B; Molinari A; Parisi C; Bozzuto G; Toccacieli L; Formisano G; De Orsi D; Para...disi S; Grober OM; Ravo M; Weisz A; Arcieri R; Vella S; Gaudi S. PLOS ONE
Comparative analysis of nuclear estrogen receptor alpha and beta interactomes in breast cancer cells 2011 Nassa G; Tarallo R; Guzzi PH; Ferraro L; Cirillo F; Ravo M; Nola E; Baumann M; Nyman TA; Cannatar...o M; Ambrosino C; Weisz A MOLECULAR BIOSYSTEMS
A large set of estrogen receptor beta-interacting proteins identified by tandem affinity purification in hormone-responsive human breast cancer cells nuclei. 2011 Nassa G; Tarallo R; Ambrosino C; Bamundo A; Ferraro L; Paris O; Ravo M; Guzzi PH; Cannataro M; Ba...umann M; Nyman TA; Nola E; Weisz A. PROTEOMICS
Specific inhibition of NF-Y subunits triggers different cell proliferation defects 2011 Benatti, P; Dolfini, D; Viganò, A; Ravo, Maria; Weisz, Alessandro; Imbriano, C. NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH
Global analysis of estrogen receptor beta binding to breast cancer cell genome reveals an extensive interplay with estrogen receptor alpha for target gene regulation 2011 Grober, Omv; Mutarelli, M; Giurato, G; Ravo, Maria; Cicatiello, L; De Filippo MR, ; Ferraro, L; N...assa, G; Papa, Mf; Paris, O; Tarallo, R; Luo, Sj; Schroth, Gp; Benes, V; Weisz, A. BMC GENOMICS
Effects of oestrogen on microRNA expression in hormone-responsive breast cancer cells 2012 Ferraro L; Ravo M; Nassa G; Tarallo R; De Filippo MR; Giurato G; Cirillo F; Stellato C; Silvestro... S; Cantarella C; Rizzo F; Cimino D; Friard O; Biglia N; De Bortoli M; Cicatiello L; Nola E; Weisz A. HORMONES & CANCER
Direct regulation of microRNA biogenesis and expression by estrogen receptor beta in hormone-responsive breast cancer 2012 Paris O; Ferraro L; Grober OM; Ravo M; De Filippo MR; Giurato G; Nassa G; Tarallo R; Cantarella C...; Rizzo F; Di Benedetto A; Mottolese M; Benes V; Ambrosino C; Nola E; Weisz A. ONCOGENE

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