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α-Lipoic acid induces Endoplasmic Reticulum stress-mediated apoptosis in hepatoma cells 2020 Pibiri, Monica; Sulas, Pia; Camboni, Tania; Leoni, Vera Piera; Simbula, Gabriella SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Metabolomics and psychological features in fibromyalgia and electromagnetic sensitivity 2020 Piras, Cristina; Conte, Stella; Pibiri, Monica; Rao, Giacomo; Muntoni, Sandro; Leoni, Vera Piera;... Finco, Gabriele; Atzori, Luigi SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Crosstalk between Metabolic Alterations and Altered Redox Balance in PTC-Derived Cell Lines 2019 Tronci, Laura; Caria, Paola; Frau, Daniela Virginia; Liggi, Sonia; Piras, Cristina; Murgia, Feder...ica; Santoru, Maria Laura; Pibiri, Monica; Deiana, Monica; Griffin, Julian Leether; Vanni, Roberta; Atzori, Luigi METABOLITES
Liver regeneration in aged mice: new insights 2018 Pibiri, M AGING
Heme oxygenase-1 inhibitor tin-protoporphyrin improves liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy 2018 Pibiri, Monica; Leoni, Vera Piera; Atzori, Luigi LIFE SCIENCES
A novel lactoferrin-modified stealth liposome for hepatoma-delivery of triiodothyronine 2018 Pireddu, R; Pibiri, M; Valenti, D; Sinico, C; Fadda, Am; Simbula, G; Lai, F. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS
The thyromimetic KB2115 (Eprotirome) induces rat hepatocyte proliferation 2017 Szydlowska, Marta; Pibiri, Monica; Perra, Andrea; Puliga, Elisabetta; Mattu, Sandra; Ledda, GIOVA...NNA MARIA; Columbano, Amedeo; Leoni, VERA PIERA GENE EXPRESSION
Global gene expression profile of normal and regenerating liver in young and old mice 2015 Pibiri, Monica; Sulas, Pia; Leoni, VERA PIERA; Perra, Andrea; Kowalik, MARTA ANNA; Cordella, Ang...ela; Saggese, Pasquale; Nassa, Giovanni; Ravo, Maria AGE
Wnt/beta-catenin pathway is activated by thyroid hormone and is required for its hepatomitogenic activity 2012 Fanti M; Perra A; Pibiri M; Schwartz M; Monga SP; Ledda-Columbano GM; Columbano A THE FASEB JOURNAL
Transcription profiling by array of mouse liver from TCPOBOP treated wild type and c-jun conditional knockout animals. 2012 Leoni VP; Ledda-Columbano GM; Pibiri M; Saliba C; Perra A; Kowalik MA; Grober Oli MV; Ravo M; A; Ghiso E; Giordano S; Columbano A
Mild Synthetic Approach to Novel Indole-1-Carbinols and Preliminary Evaluation of Their Cytotoxicity in Hepatocarcinoma Cells 2012 Zedda, G; Simbula, G; Begala, M; Pibiri, M; Floris, C; Casu, M; Casu, L; Tocco, G ARCHIV DER PHARMAZIE
Yes-associated protein regulation of adaptive liver enlargement and hepatocellular carcinoma development in mice 2011 Kowalik, MARTA ANNA; Saliba, C; Pibiri, Monica; Perra, Andrea; Ledda, GIOVANNA MARIA; Sarotto, I;... Ghiso, E; Giordano, S; Columbano, Amedeo HEPATOLOGY
Expression of c-jun is not mandatory for mouse hepatocyte proliferation induced by two nuclear receptor ligands: TCPOBOP and T3 2011 Leoni, VERA PIERA; Ledda, GIOVANNA MARIA; Pibiri, Monica; Saliba, C; Perra, Andrea; Kowalik, MART...A ANNA; Grober, Om; Ravo, M; Weisz, A; Locker, J; Ghiso, E; Giordano, S; Columbano, Amedeo JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
TRbeta is the critical thyroid hormone receptor isoform in T3-induced proliferation of hepatocytes and pancreatic acinar cells 2010 Kowalik MA; Perra A; Pibiri M; Cocco MT; Samarut J; Plateroti M; Ledda-Columbano GM; Columbano A JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
Thyroid hormone receptor ligands induce regression of rat preneoplastic liver lesions causing their reversion to a differentiated phenotype 2009 Perra A; Kowalik Marta Anna; Pibiri M; Ledda-Columbano GM; Columbano A HEPATOLOGY
Potential utility of xenobiotic mitogens in the context of liver regeneration in the elderly and living-related transplantation 2008 Columbano A; Simbula M; Pibiri M; Perra A; Pisanu A; Uccheddu A; Ledda-Columbano GM LABORATORY INVESTIGATION
Potential utility of xenobiotic mitogens in the context of liver regeneration in the elderly and living-related transplantation 2008 Columbano, A; Simbula, M; Pibiri, Monica; Perra, Andrea; Pisanu, Adolfo; Uccheddu, A; Ledda Colum...bano, G. M. JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
Accelerated entry into S phase and increased hepatocyte proliferation in c-jun conditional knock-out mice following administration of the CAR agonist TCPOBOP 2008 LEONI V; SIMULA M; PIBIRI M; KOWALIK MA; RAVO M; GROBER OMV; A. WEISZ; LEDDA COLUMBANO GM; COLUMB...ANO A -
Alpha-lipoic acid promotes the growth of rat hepatic preneoplastic lesions in the choline deficient model 2008 PERRA A; PIBIRI M; SULAS P; SIMBULA G; LEDDA-COLUMBANO GM; COLUMBANO A CARCINOGENESIS

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