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Influence of estrogens and antiestrogens on the expression of selected hormone-responsive genes 2007 Sismondi P; Biglia N; Ponzone R; Fuso L; Scafoglio C; Cicatiello L; Ravo M; Weisz A; Cimino D; Al...tobelli G; Friard O; De Bortoli M. MATURITAS
Accelerated entry into S phase and increased hepatocyte proliferation in c-jun conditional knock-out mice following administration of the CAR agonist TCPOBOP 2008 LEONI V; SIMULA M; PIBIRI M; KOWALIK MA; RAVO M; GROBER OMV; A. WEISZ; LEDDA COLUMBANO GM; COLUMB...ANO A -
Time-course analysis of genome-wide gene expression data from hormone-responsive human breast cancer cells. 2008 Mutarelli M; Cicatiello L; Ferraro L; Grober OM; Ravo M; Facchiano AM; Angelini C; Weisz A BMC BIOINFORMATICS
MicroRNA Expression Profiling of Hormone-Responsive Human Breast Cancer Cells Lines. 2008 FERRARO L; CICATIELLO L; MUTARELLI M; RAVO M; GROBER O.M.V; SACCONI G; A. WEISZ THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Integrated Analysis of Estrogen -Responsive Transcriptome and Estrogen Receptor alpha Binding to Chromatin in Breast Cancer Cells. 2008 MUTARELLI M; RAVO M; FERRARO L; GROBER OMV; TARALLO R; PARIS O; CICATIELLO L; A. WEISZ -
Integrated Analysis of the Estrogen-Responsive Transcriptome and Estrogen Receptor (ER)-α Binding to Chromatin in Breast Cancer Cells. 2008 MUTARELLI M; CICATIELLO L; RAVO M; PARIS O; TARALLO R; FERRARO L; GROBER OMV; VIGILANTE A; NOLA E...; A. WEISZ THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Quantitative expression profiling of highly degraded RNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded breast tumor biopsies by oligonucleotide microarrays 2008 Ravo M; Mutarelli M; Ferraro L; Grober OM; Paris O; Tarallo R; Vigilante A; Cimino D; De Bortoli ...M; Nola E; Cicatiello L; Weisz A. LABORATORY INVESTIGATION
Identification of a hormone-regulated dynamic actin network associated with estrogen receptro alpha in human breast cancer cell nuclei 2010 Ambrosino C; Tarallo R; Bamundo A; Cuomo D; Franci G; Nassa G; Paris O; Ravo M; Giovane A; N; Lepikhova T; Jänne OA; Baumann M; Nyman TA; Cicatiello L; Weisz A. MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS
The p63 target HBP1 is required for skin differentiation and stratification 2010 Borrelli S; Candi E; Hu B; Dolfini D; Ravo M; Grober OM; Weisz A; Dotto GP; Melino G; Viganò MA; ...Mantovani R. CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION
Differences in miRNA expression profiles between ERβ- and ERβ+ breast tumors in vivo and human breast cancer cell lines in vitro reveal a role of these small non-coding RNAs in the hormone-responsive cancer phenotype. 2010 DE FILIPPO M.R; PARIS O; FERRARO L; GIURATO G; RAVO M; GROBER O.M.V; CICATIELLO L; DI BENEDETTO A...; MOTTOLESE M; A. WEISZ THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
The reverse transcription inhibitor Abacavir shows anticancer activity in PC3 prostate cancer cell line 2010 Carlini F; Ridolfi B; Molinari A; Parisi C; Bozzuto G; Toccacieli L; Formisano G; De Orsi D; Para...disi S; Grober OM; Ravo M; Weisz A; Arcieri R; Vella S; Gaudi S. PLOS ONE
The p63 target HBP-1 regulates terminal keratinocyte differentiation. 2010 BORRELLI S; CANDI E; RAVO M; GROBER OMV; A. WEISZ; MELINO G; VIGANÒ MA; MANTOVANI R CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION
C/EBPδ gene targets in human keratinocytes 2010 Borrelli S; Fanoni D; Dolfini D; Alotto D; Ravo M; Grober OM; Weisz A; Castagnoli C; Berti E; Vig...ano MA; Mantovani R PLOS ONE
Estrogen receptor alpha controls a gene network in luminal-like breast cancer cells comprising multiple transcription factors and microRNAs 2010 Cicatiello L; Mutarelli M; Grober OM; Paris O; Ferraro L; Ravo M; Tarallo R; Luo S; Schroth GP; S...eifert M; Zinser C; Chiusano ML; Traini A; De Bortoli M; Weisz A THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Global analysis of estrogen receptor beta binding to breast cancer cell genome reveals an extensive interplay with estrogen receptor alpha for target gene regulation 2011 Grober, Omv; Mutarelli, M; Giurato, G; Ravo, Maria; Cicatiello, L; De Filippo MR, ; Ferraro, L; N...assa, G; Papa, Mf; Paris, O; Tarallo, R; Luo, Sj; Schroth, Gp; Benes, V; Weisz, A. BMC GENOMICS
Comparative analysis of nuclear estrogen receptor alpha and beta interactomes in breast cancer cells 2011 Nassa G; Tarallo R; Guzzi PH; Ferraro L; Cirillo F; Ravo M; Nola E; Baumann M; Nyman TA; Cannatar...o M; Ambrosino C; Weisz A MOLECULAR BIOSYSTEMS
Specific inhibition of NF-Y subunits triggers different cell proliferation defects 2011 Benatti, P; Dolfini, D; Viganò, A; Ravo, Maria; Weisz, Alessandro; Imbriano, C. NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH
A large set of estrogen receptor beta-interacting proteins identified by tandem affinity purification in hormone-responsive human breast cancer cells nuclei. 2011 Nassa G; Tarallo R; Ambrosino C; Bamundo A; Ferraro L; Paris O; Ravo M; Guzzi PH; Cannataro M; Ba...umann M; Nyman TA; Nola E; Weisz A. PROTEOMICS
Signaling networks associated with AKT activation in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC): new insights on the role of the catalytic subunit of phosphatydilinositol-3 kinase PIK3CA 2012 Scrima M; De Marco C; Fabiani F; Franco R; Pirozzi G; Rocco G; Ravo M; Weisz A; Zoppoli P; Ceccar...elli M; Botti G; Malanga D; Viglietto G PLOS ONE
Direct regulation of microRNA biogenesis and expression by estrogen receptor beta in hormone-responsive breast cancer 2012 Paris O; Ferraro L; Grober OM; Ravo M; De Filippo MR; Giurato G; Nassa G; Tarallo R; Cantarella C...; Rizzo F; Di Benedetto A; Mottolese M; Benes V; Ambrosino C; Nola E; Weisz A. ONCOGENE

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