Dipartimento di Matematica e informatica

I’m available to supervise thesis on Human Computer Interaction, both for bachelor and master degrees. The main topics are related to my current research:

  • Gestural interaction (e.g., Kinect and Leap Motion)
  • End-User Development
  • Immersive Virtual Reality interfaces
  • Model-Based approaches for User interfaces

Student’s proposals on other HCI topics are welcome.
The following is a list of available thesis related to the research projects I am currently working on:

  • Design and implementation  of an application for collecting data from paper forms through smartphones (in collaboration with the Italian National Research Council).
  • Design and implementation of an interface for teaching small children to code (CHIP project, Tutti a iscol@ linea B2)
  • Design and implementation of an authoring environment for immersive contents in a web environment (P2D3 project, founded by Sardinia Regional Government).
  • Design and implementation of a system for tracking implicit user’s input (EmILIE project, founded by the Sardinia Foundation)
  • Design and implementation of an authoring environment for composing gesture recognisers based on HMMs (deictic project)

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