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A list of the former supervised theses (137) is provided hereafter.

Biomedical Engineering Theses (MSc) (Language: IT) – 1

Grazia Krizia Masciavè “Development of a hardware-software system supporting the telerehabilitation of post-stroke patients”

Biomedical Engineering Theses (BSc) (Language: IT) – 109

Francesca Mulana “Study and implementation of algorithms for the analysis of the fetal electrocardiogram”
Alessia Dessì  “Study and development on a DSP platform of real-time morphological analysis algorithms for fetal ECG”
Barbara Cabras  “Study and development on a DSP platform of algorithms for the localization of the fetal sources in an on-line BSS system for the fetal ECG extraction”
Vincenzo Lussu  “Study and realization of experimental models of kinesitherapic devices for the hand rehabilitation in rheumatic patients”
Laura Piras  “Study and development of sensorized kinesitherapic tools for the monitoring of hand rehabilitation sessions with rheumatic patients”
Francesco Grussu  “Real-time wavelet denoising on a DSP of neural signals coming from the peripheral nervous system”
Daniele Farris  “Development of spike-sorting real-time techniques based on correlation analysis”
Ignazio Secci  “Development of a kinesitherapic device for training and evaluation of the hand agility in rheumatic patients”
Nicola Zaccheddu “Prototypal platform for the real-time evaluation of kinesitherapic exercises for the hand rehabilitation”
Cecilia Mascia “Development of a hw/sw simulation framework for non-invasive fetal electrocardiography”
Rita Marchi “Wavelet denoising for the identification in real-time of the fetal ECG from non-invasive recordings”
Francesco Usai  “Real-time classification of neural signals on DSP platforms for neuroprostheses”
Michele Crabolu  “Study and development of touch sensors for the evaluation of the agility of the hand in rheumatic patients”
Francesco Boi “Development of kinesitherapic devices for the real-time evaluation of the hand strength and agility”
Mirko Matraxia “Permutation control in block-on-line ICA algorithms for the fetal ECG extraction”
Salvatore Fara “Development of a GSM/GPR communication interface for telemedicine applications”
Marta Lai “Study and experimental validation of techniques for the non-invasive fetal ECG acquisition”
Carla Pani “Finger tapping test: methods, devices and impact on the evaluation of some neurological diseases”
Mario Urtis “Study of on-line clustering algorithms for neural spike sorting”
Alberto Serra “Development of an acquisition system for electrophysiological signals based on the ADS1298 chip”
Simone Cardis “Development of a proximity monitoring system for the surveillance of children in the car”
Andrea Carrus “Impact of a wavelet denoising preprocessing on the spike sorting of signals from the peropheral nervous system”
Veronica Corona “Linear and non-linear filtering for baseline drift correction in non-invasive fetal electrocardiography”
Laura Martines “Development of a multichannel biopotential acquisition system for fetal electrocardiography”
Silvia Secci “Functional evaluation and rehabilitation of the hand in rheumatic patients: methods and instruments for pinch and grip”
Sabina Solinas “Characterization and minimization of the electrode-skin impedance in non-invasive fetal electrocardiography”
Martina Balloccu “Upper limb neuroprosthes: technologies, methode and experimental models”
Alessio Loberto “D2D collaborative systems in healthcare: telecardiology and teleradiology”
Adnan Kajic “Wavelet-based selective QRS detection in non-invasive fetal electrocardiography”
Daniele Pau “Maternal P and T wave cancellation in low-density recordings for fetal electrocardiograpgy”
Eleonora Sulas “Development of an heart rate sensor with a radio module compatible with eZ430-Chronos”
Carla Deplano “Development of a microcontroller-based system for cardio interval training management with electric bikes”
Noemi Garau “Indexes for the evaluation of electrocardiogram signals quality”
Carla Melis “Methods and instruments for fetal electrocardiography”
Alessia Atzeni “Decoding of peropheral neural signals acquired by electrodes with different selectivity”
Angelo Casu “Management of the biomedical technologies in the context of regional accreditation: analysis of the Italian situation”
Paola Locci “Interfacing in vitro and in silico neuronal networks for the creation od hybrid systems”
Claudia Bortolussi “Study of adaptive algorithms and their application in the field of non-invasive fetal electrocardiography”
Alice Evelina Martis “Evaluation of spike train synchrony in neural signals acquired through intrafascicular electrodes”
Elisa Gusai “Characterization of textile electrodes for electrocardiography by means of signal processing techniques”
Federico Tuligi & Fabrizio Scano “Development of Matlab tool for the EyeLinkII real-time control, aimed at the study of the eye movements”
Sara Piras “Wii Balance Board as rehabilitation tool: evaluation of a custom system for training at home”
Stefania Tronci “Usability tests and their application to the evaluation of a home telemonitoring system for elderly patients”
Sara Salaris “Adaptive filtering techniques for non-invasive fetal electrocardiography”
Paolo Casu “Comparative analysis of algorithms for the detection of sleep apnea events by ECG and pulse oximetry signals”
Giulia Baldazzi “Applications of the wavelet transform for spike sorting algorithms”
Fabrizio Mura “Study of the threshold optimization in wavelet denoising  of neural signals”
Ilenia Usai “Algorithms for the surface biopotentials analsys in PROP sensitivity studies”
Pierluigi Cabiddu “Study and development of a graphical environment for the clinical evaluation of eye movements”
Maria Luna Melis “Eye Tracking: recording methods and clinical use”
Luca Onida “Synthetic models for Spiking Neural Networks”
Stefano Erbino “Study and development of textile electrodes for surface electromyography applications”
Federica Moi “Acquisition and processing of trans-abdominal biopotentials for non-invasive fetal electrocardiography”
Marcella Angei “Textile electrodes for surface biopotentials acquisition in clinical and sport applications”
Alberto Orrù “Development of an embedded Bluetooth device for electrogustography”
Benedetta Casadei “On the use of magneto-inertial sensors for the human movement analysis”
Claudia Racis “Wavelet denoising of signals from the human peripheral nervous system for the control of motor prosheses fo upper limb amputees”
Nicola Puligheddu “Evaluation of spike train similarity measurements for the analysis of multichannel neural signals”
Simone Scanu “The role of biomedical Technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of dyslexia”
Giulia Pala “Methodologies and instruments for eye movement analysis”
Elisa Farris “Multireference adaptive filters for the non-invasive fetal ECG extraction”
Andrea Caoli “Extraction of heart rate variability indexes from non-invasive fetal ECG”
Angela Cocco “Diabetes and medical devices: identification of the most suited therapeutic device for each patient”
Davide Pessei “Study of algorithms for the automatic counting of fungiform papillae”
Elisa Trinceri “Algorithms for the indirect measurement of the respiration rate from the electrocardiogram”
Emanuele Ortu “Extraction of the envelope of fetal ecographic Doppler signals synchronized with the trans-abdominal ECG”
Giovanni Pilia “Automatic gesture recognition through multichannel surface EMG by using neural networks”
Giovanni Serra “Bioengineering technologies for vision function recovery”
Michele Moi “Segmentation algorithms for electrotastegram signals for the assessment of the PROP-tasting status”
Simone Fiorani “Automatic algorithms for the power-line interference cancellation in biopotential recordings”
Cristian Muscas “Analysis and implementation of algorithms for the respiration rate extraction from the ECG signal”
Francesca Demontis “Characterization of textile electrodes for the acquisition of the surface electromyography in dynamic measurements”
Roberta Cogoni “Assessment of the connectivity between diaphragm electromyography and spirometry”
Tommaso Garau “Modeling and analysis of health information flows”
Veronica Moi “Study of algorithms for the automatic classification of electrotastegram signals”
Andrea Olla “Development of an Android App with Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy support for the EMG-based monitoring of physical exercises”
Alessandra Fontana “Development of a real-time platform for the support to the rehabilitation by means of the EMG signal analysis”
Antonio Leoni “Development of a post-analysis tool for the study of saccadic movements”
Giulia Pili “Comparative analysis of methods for the extraction of the fetal electrocardiogram from non-invasive recordings”
Andrea Pitzus “Decoding of neural signals form the peripheral nervous system for the control of neuromotor prostheses”
Ilaria Cocco “Development of a microcontroller-based magneto-inertial unit for biomedical applications”
Luca Casu “Evaluation of heart rate variability indexes for the study of nocturnal seizures”>
Laura Bosu “Telehealth systems for diabetic patients”
Marco Orrù “Development of automatic algorithms for the detection of late potentials in endocardial electrophysiology”
Filippo Pitzalis “Design and development of an Android proxy for telerehabilitation applications”
Luisa Aru “Extraction of features from the fetal cardiac pulsed-wave Doppler envelope for the detection of atrioventricular activity patterns”
Elisa Brungiu “Study of wavelet denoising algorithms for the fetal electrocardiographic signals post-processing”
Marta Cocco “Pediatric patient with diabetes: analysis of the literature and medical devices for insulin pump therapy”
Giulia Olla “Development of a tool for the study of saccadic movements by using the Eyelink II eye-tracker”
Davide Spanu “Design and development of an exergame for post-stroke patients”
Andrea Espis “Development of automatic spike sorting algorithms based on Self-Organizing Maps”
Maria Raissa Zuddas “HRV analysis for the study of REM sleep behaviour disorders”
Michele Rocca “Analysis and optimization of the electro-tastegram signal measurement process”
Oleksandra Fanari “Study and assessment of fetal QRS detection algorithms”
Chiara Fenu “Extraction of intervals and cardiac function indexes from fetal cardiac pulsed-wave Doppler”
Eleonora Fresi “Characterization of stretchable polymer-based textile electrodes for surface electromyography”
Giorgia Ibba “Intracardiac electrocardiographic signals characterisation during ventricular tachycardia”
Elena Puddu “Measurement of high-density electromyographic signals for muscle force estimation”
Cinzia Salis “Automatic identification of fetal aortic and mitral valve closures from cardiac pulsed-wave Doppler signals”
Monia Ghiusu “Speech synthesisers as assistive technologies for people with disabilities”
Marco Cinus “Technologies for epidural electrostimulation-based neuromodulation approaches for the treatment of patients with spinal cord injury”
Giovanni Cordeddu “Study and evaluation of algorithms for the quantitative analysis of the electromyographic signal in the startle reflex”
Filippo Hellies “Study and development of algorithms for the identification of abnormal potentials in intracardiac electrograms”
Eliana Campanella “Tools for the assistance to motor neurorehabilitation”
Nicla Mandas “Study of the HRV during polysomnography on subjects with REM sleep behavior disorders”
Beatrice Utzeri “Study and assessment of signal processing algorithms for acoustic startle”
Alberto Valdes Rey “Machine learning algorithms based on synchrosqueezed wavelet transform for the classification of intracardiac electrograms”
Elena Figus “Applications of surface electromyography to the control of devices, rehabilitation and prosthetics”
Alessia Gungui “Bioengineering approaches to the treatment of post-stroke Unilateral Spatial Neglect syndrome”

Electronic Engineering Theses (MSc) (Language: IT) – 21

Gianmarco Angius “Study and HDL modeling of a fault-tolerant architecture based on hardware agents”
Damiano Farris  “Study and development of real-time QRS detection algorithms”
Giuseppe Passino  “Study of distributed control architectural models of processing”
Carlo Sidore “Development of a theoretical model and advanced solutions for the distributed control of a VLSI cooperative architecture”
Alessandro Pani “Study and implementation on a dual-core DSP of real-time algorithms for the blind separation of audio sources”
Cristian Manca “Study and Verilog implementation of a cooperative fault-tolerant tiled-architecture”
Roberto Pompei “Study and DSP implementation of real-time algorithms for automatic ECG delineation”
Silvia Muceli  “Study and DSP implementation of on-line algorithms for the blind extraction of the fetal electrocardiogram”
Simone Secchi  “Study, RTL modeling and simulation of an adaptive single-chip-MPP with semi-distributed control”
Stefano Carucci “Study and FPGA implementation of an array processing system based on a bio-inspired coprocessor”
Francesco Marino  “Study and development on DSP platform of real-time ECG delineation techniques”
Barbara Cocco “Development of algorithms for the analysis of epicardic signals from an isolated heart in ventricular fibrillation subject to adaptive pacing”
Enrico Congiu  “Study and real-time implementation on a fixed point DSP of algorthms for multichannel ECG classification and delineation”
Stefania Argiolas “Study and DSP implementation of JADE-on-line algorithm optimizations for the non-invasive extraction of the fetal ECG”
Alessandro Pilia  “Optimization and validation of a dual-mode Network-on-Chip for heterogeneous traffic ”
Andrea Congiu  “HDL coding, performance evaluation and characterization on CMOS 90 nm technology of an Hybrid NoC”
Andrea Deidda  “Study and RTL implementation of a dual-mode NoC with non-exclusive and programmable link management”
Emanuele Manca  “Study and development of a tool for the automatic generation of reconfigurable hardware platforms”
Gianluca Barabino  “Development of an embedded system for fetal electrocardiography based on the OMAP-L137”
Carlo Sau  “Study and FPGA implementation of a floating point bio-inspired architecture for Digital Signal Processing”
Riccardo Montano  “Study and validation on FPGA of a custom architecture for the real-time simulation of Izhikevich neuronal networks”

Electronic Engineering Theses (BSc) (Language: IT) – 6

Arianna Massa  “Analysis and synthesizable Verilog implementaton of Digital FIR filters”
Francesca Palumbo  “Study and implementation on a TMS320VC5402 DSP of a filter for the detection of a voice signal embedded in an intense background noise”
Marco Uccheddu  “Optimization and FPGA integration of the controller of a bio-inspired math coprocessor”
Pierangelo Lobina  “Expansion of a DSP-based system for motor rehabilitation with an FPGA-based biofeedback module”
Riccardo Montano “FPGA development of a memory-manager for the optimization of the memory access in a bio-inspired coprocessor”
Nicola Benenati “System for the automatic detection of pulse and renspiration by means of an acceleration signal”


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