Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


  • Maria Manuela Profir On The Three-dimensional Homogeneous SO (2) - Isotropic Riemannian Manifolds, 2009.

Master degree

  • Francesca Me Computational simulation of transformations of cureve and rotation surfaces with different parameterizations, 2015. (Co-rapporteurs M.Manuela Profir, Vincent Moreau)
  • Paola Mura The Propellers of the surfaces of rotation in R ^ 3, 2012. (Correlator R. Caddeo)

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Gabriele Cassinelli in preparation. 2019
  • Martina Manchia The geometry of origami. 2019
  • Sara Melis Hyperbolic Geometry. 2018
  • Andrea Schirru An elementary introduction to Hopf's Fibration, 2011.
  • Francesca Fadda The Calabi Triangle, 2010.
  • Elisabetta Mereu The fundamental group of the circumference, 2007.

Four-year degrees

  • Emma Calabresu Three-dimensional varieties with a group of four-dimensional isometries, 2006.
  • Tiziana Manca Curves defined by relationships between intrinsic elements, 2004.
  • Raffaela Pilia Weierstrass representation for minimal surfaces in R ^ 3 and H_3, 2004.
  • Eva Scano Christofell's Problem, 2003.
  • Lucia Argilla Algebras of Filiform Lie: definitions and applications, 2003.
  • Stefania Concas, Harmonicity in Riemannian geometry, 2002. (Correlator R. Caddeo)
  • Simona Tanas, Geodetic separability and triple orthogonal systems, 2001
  • Loredana Perra, Inversions. 1999. (Co-rapporteur R. Caddeo)
  • Alessandra Locci, Surfaces with constant average curvature. 1994. (Co-rapporteur R. Caddeo)
  • Maria Grazia Pontis, Fibrations and surfaces of Hopf. 1994. (Co-rapporteur R. Caddeo)
  • Tiziana Scordo, Surfaces with continuous groups of isometries. 1991. (Co-rapporteur R. Caddeo)
  • Grazia Pirino, Bianchi classification of three-dimensional Riemannian metrics based on the size of the group of isometries, 1991. (Correlator R. Caddeo)

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