Department of Literature, Languages and Cultural Heritage

The teacher is available to follow thesis work for both the bachelor's and master's degrees in the following research areas:

linguistic typology


corpus linguistics

speech disorders

In particular and motivated cases, different topics may be agreed.

The assignment of the thesis topic and the setting of the work will take place during meetings in the praesentia during reception hours. Once the work has started, subsequent readings and corrections can be made via email. It is recommended to contact the teacher in a reasonable time, when the student can reasonably undertake to work on the thesis continuously. The final draft of the thesis must be delivered to the teacher AT LEAST 15 DAYS BEFORE the deadline for uploading to esse3 in order to allow for a final rereading and the contribution by the student of any corrections. The thesis can be discussed, at the unquestionable judgment of the teacher, when it has reached an adequate level.

The bibliography should be compiled according to academic standards, such as those used for departmental series.

It goes without saying that the thesis work, even of a compilation type, must consist of a personal reworking of the bibliography on the subject and that each source must be duly cited. Any and deplorable cases of "plagiarism" will lead to an immediate interruption of the collaboration.

The main requirements for students of the former Language Faculty are available on the dedicated page of the Faculty website

Questionnaire and social

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