Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Specialized and Master's Degree

  • Claudia Soru: The notion of media: from Chisini to de Finetti, A.A. 2017-18
  • Monica Floris: Use of Bayesian Statistics in the Legal Field, A.A. 2014-15
  • Stefania Dalu: Analysis of the variance and multiple comparisons A.A. 2011-12
  • Rossella Murtas: Intraclass correlation coefficient: a formulation for three-way ANOVA with mixed effects and repeated measurements (co-supervisor Erik Sauleau) A.A. 2010-11
  • Silvia Columbu: Poisson regression - global risk and standardized risk (co-supervisor Erik Sauleau) A.A. 2009-10
  • Silvia Perra: Differential Geometry in Parametric Inference (co-supervisor Gianluca Bande) A.A. 2008-09
  • Mario Anchisi: A theoretical approach to Clustering techniques A.A. 2007-08
  • Elionora Porcu: Generallized Additive Models A.A. 2007-08

Three-year degree

  • Chiara Fois: The statistical technique of the one-way analysis of variance, A.A. 2018-19
  • Alessia Pintus: Some statistical methods based on decision trees, A.A. 2017-18
  • B.Claudio Giori: Correspondence between a probability measure defined on an algebra and a distribution function, A.A. 2017-18
  • Andrea Liori: Some contributions by Bruno de Finetti to the calculation of probabilities, A.A. 2017-18
  • Tatiana Selloni: Introduction to regression quantifies A.A. 2014-15
  • Davide Bernisi: Causal Inference A.A. 2013-2014
  • Annalisa Balata: Information theory and log-likelihood: a starting point for the choice of the statistical model A.A. 2012-2013
  • Paola Melis: Some proceedings of the Analyze des données (co-supervisor Francesco Bertolino) A.A. 2011-2012
  • Eleonora Deiana: The logistic regression model: an application to the study of university dropouts A.A. 2010-11
  • Andrea Defraia: Probability and paradoxes A.A. 2010-11
  • Claudia Soru: Study of longevity in Sardinia: an application of Asymmetric Normal Regression (co-supervisor Luca Deiana) A.A. 2010-11
  • Rossella Murtas: Some Kriging techniques: an introduction to geostatistical interpolation A.A. 2008-09
  • Silvia Columbu: Introduction to survival analysis with reference to non-parametric methods A.A. 2007-08

Questionnaire and social

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