Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


  • Alessandra Ibba, Angels, Devils ... and Hyperbolic Geometry, 2001
  • Daniela Lecca, Willmore surfaces, 2001
  • Tiziana Ferrari, Minimality according to Weierstrass, Enneper and Björling, 2002
  • Giovanni Maciocco, The problem of geometric compression of triangular meshes, 2002
  • Massimo Artizzu, Stability of minimum surfaces, 2006


  • Daniela Sanna, Biharmonic curves, 2004
  • Michele Loi, Reeb graphs and computer graphics, 2007
  • Nicola Pintus, Hyperbolic geometry on a pool table, 2010
  • Alessandra Concas, On two theorems of Jellett and Liebmann, 2010
  • Benedetto Manca, On cousin surfaces, 2011
  • Michele Serra, Formulas for the curvature of curves and surfaces in implicit form, 2011
  • Laura Cambuli, On the surfaces of Weingarten, 2011
  • Stefania Iattarelli, Geomagic squares, 2012
  • Fabio Demuro, The isoperimetric problem on surfaces, 2013
  • Andrea Pala, On Desargues' theorem, 2013
  • Elisa Costeri, Evolute and Evolventi, 2013
  • Matteo Mele, Rectifiable curves, 2015
  • Nicola Porru, On the theorem of the four vertices, 2016
  • Marcello Cabboi, On the solitude of prime numbers, 2017
  • Jessica Porta, The Partition Problem, 2017
  • Fancello Marilena, The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, 2018
  • Antonio Sanna, Classification of algebraic surfaces with constant mean curvature, 2019
  • Daria Dessì, On Euler's characteristic: reconstruction of a discovery, 2019
  • Roberto Cannata, A characterization of the unitary sphere, 2019
  • Chiara Piroddi, Mathematics with soap bubbles, 2019
  • Maria Paola Uselli, The perfect numbers, 2020
  • Silvio Piredda, Minimum surfaces: classic constructions and recent advances, 2020
  • Giulia Zara, Minimum triangulations of closed surfaces, 2020
  • Riccardo Medinas, Some notions of curvature on graphs, 2020
  • Mattia Casula, Helical surfaces and oblique curves, 2020

Master's and Specialized

  • Marco Gilardi, Weingarten surfaces, 2007
  • Debora Impera, Some properties of biharmonic applications and immersions, 2008. The original part of the thesis was published in: Differential Geometry: Proceedings of the VIII International Colloquium
  • Roberto Panai, On the transformation of Backlund, 2008
  • Alessandra Concas, A modern reinterpretation of some classic results on isoparametric hypersurfaces, 2015
  • Benedetto Manca, Constant mean curvature immersions of the thrice puntured sphere into the three-dimensional space forms, 2015. Thesis in co-tutorship with Franz Pedit (U-Mass, Amherst, US)
  • Matteo Mele, Surfaces CMC: from Delaunay, to harmonic and biharmonic applications, 2019
  • Viviana Piga, On the biharmonic curves of a surface, 2019

Questionnaire and social

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