Department of Literature, Languages ??and Cultural Heritage

To support the thesis in Anglo-American Literature it is necessary to have obtained 12 CFU in the discipline for the three-year degree, and another 12 CFU for the master's degree thesis. A good knowledge of the English language is of course essential. It is possible to ask to carry out the thesis on any topic relating to the history of American literature and culture, even on issues and authors not addressed in the teaching programs.
In particular, I am available to follow theses relating to:
- literature and culture of the Puritans of America
- modernist literature and literature of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries (mainly fiction)
- cultural studies, gender studies and queer studies in the US context or in relation to specific aspects of US literature and culture
- popular culture and mass cultures: music, comics and graphic novels
The topic of the thesis is agreed on the basis of a proposal from the applicant, which includes the topic and a hypothesis, even summary, of its development.

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