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Students must fill in these two forms: the thesis request form in duplicate (1 copy must be given to the teacher who has chosen as supervisor, the second in the Didactic Secretariat, to Mrs. Garau). The declaration of originality of the thesis work must be signed, scanned, and inserted at the end of the thesis that will be uploaded on ESSE3).

Bachelor's and specialist degree theses are accepted. It is required that two or at least one English Literature exam have been taken. Preferred topics: Travel literature, The genre of the letter, autobiography and biography, theater (from the 16th century onwards), the eighteenth-century, nineteenth-century, English twentieth-century novel, periodicals (from the 17th to the 19th century).

Three-year thesis: Possible types of thesis: stylistic / narratological / rhetorical analysis of a character / scene / chapter, according to the principles of close reading; rewrites / adaptations of literary texts; literary review; bibliographic research.

Timing: Indicatively, based on experience, the period required for writing the thesis, after completing the bibliographic research, is three months, plus for the two-year period. It is possible, however, to agree on types of work that require adequate time for the skills acquired, even after the work has been completed. Failure to deliver materials for a period of two sessions is assumed to be a non-communicated decision to renounce the defense of a thesis in English Literature.

Language: The thesis is generally written in Italian, with abstract in English. Those with correct written English (spelling, grammar, word order, varied and non-repetitive vocabulary) can write the thesis in English with abstract in Italian.

Correction of the thesis: The topic of the thesis must be agreed with the teacher. It is allowed to send chapters for review via email.

The instructions for the notes are contained in the downloadable file. Please read it from the moment you start the thesis. After the correction of the first chapter, no corrections will be made regarding the style sheet (notes, citations, bibliography, use of italics and quotation marks).

Thesis-Style sheet

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