Department of Literature, Languages and Cultural Heritage

The teacher accepts final work proposals from

students who fall into the following fields of study:

French linguistics, synchronic and diachronic French linguistics, lexicology / lexicography, lexicography, phonetics / phonology, morphology, semantics, discourse analysis, terminology / terminography, corpus linguistics, phraseology (with particular interest in UES (unités étendues de sens) and collocations , metaphorical use of UF (phraseological units).

The student who wishes to be followed by prof. De Giovanni can request it during the teacher's day of receipt, or by sending an email to attaching a final work proposal, written in Word format, Times New Roman, 12, justified. The proposal, of a maximum of 2 pages, must also be accompanied by five key words, a bibliography (max. 5 titles) and a draft summary of the work.

Requests whose topics do not fall within the aforementioned fields of study will not be taken into consideration.

Questionnaire and social

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