Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health

Research lines

1) Analysis of the oral and intestinal microbiota of obese individuals undergoing bariatric surgery to investigate the relationship between microbiota and obesity.

2) Study of the biodiversity of food-borne microorganisms (lactic bacteria and yeasts) with particular regard to the selection of strains: - probiotics to be used as starters and / or supplements in the food industry for the qualitative improvement of typical products;

- producers of bacteriocins and / or other substances with inhibitory action, to be used both in the field of food bio

-preservation and in the clinical field.

3) Identification of microbial and / or molecular markers that can act as markers of authenticity and traceability of food products

4) Development of new food production technologies aimed at developing typical food products with high health, nutritional and environmental value.

Questionnaire and social

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