Corporate governance (Msc course)

16 September 2020

Corporate governance (Msc course)

Grades of case study presentations


CASE STUDY of a Remuneration report discussed in class (28/04/2019): 


Share-based remuneration plans discussed in class (21/04/2020):

1. Benetton case

2. Geox case

3. Pirelli case

4. Premuda case

Further cases:


Remuneration report discussed in class (20/4/2020):
ENI Remuneration Report 2013


Corporate governance reports discussed in class (30/3/2020):
Brunello Cucinelli Corporate governance report 2019
OVS Corporate governance report 2019


List of references used during lectures (to be combined with the reference list in the official programme):

Letza, Sun and Kirkbride, (2004), Shareholding Versus Stakeholding: a critical review of corporate governance, CGIR

Weimer, J. and Pape, J. (1999), A Taxonomy of Systems of Corporate Governance, CGIR

Corporate governance Code (2015)

Melis A., Zattoni A. (2017), A Primer on Corporate Governance: Italy. New York: Business Expert Press.

Assonime – An Analysis of slate voting in Italy

Bebchuk Fried (2003) Executive Compensation as an agency problem JEP

Melis Carta Gaia (2012) Executive remuneration in blockholder-dominated firms. How do Italian firms use stock options? JMG

Mallin Melis Gaia (2015) The remuneration of independent directors in Italy and the UK, IBR

Melis, A., & Rombi, L. (2018). Are optimal contracting and managerial power competing or complementary views? Evidence from the compensation of statutory auditors in Italy. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 26(3), 197-218.

– Jones M. (edited by), Creative Accounting, Fraud and International Accounting Scandals, John Wiley & Sons, UK, 2010 (chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 13, 21, 23).





Old material – useful for students who have to re-sit from last academic year.

Questionnaire and social

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