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Course Curriculum CFU Length(h)
[20/40]  HUMANITIES [40/20 - Ord. 2008]  MODERN LITERATURE 6 30


Introduce to the literary history of the Spanish twentieth century. To acquire skills in the analysis of the poetic text. Familiarize students with the tools of theory and criticism related to the literary text.


It is also required a minimum knowledge of the Spanish language, achieved by attending upon the language lab.


Subject of the course is the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca.
Poema del cante jondo.

Teaching Methods

Lectures in Italian.

Verification of learning

Oral talk on the topics discussed during the course.
Assessment of the acquired skills in the analysis of the literary text. The student must show the possession of the tools of theoretical analysis of the narrative text.


Literary texts:

Bibliografia essenziale

I poeti del ’27, antologia a cura di Maria Rosso, Venezia, Marsilio Editori, 2008.

Federico Garcia Lorca, Tutte le poesie. Tutto il teatro. Con testo spagnolo a fronte, Newton Compton, Grandi Tascabili Economici, 2009.

F. Garcia Lorca, Poema del cante jondo seguito da Architettura del cante jondo a cura di Enrico Di Pastena e Valerio Nardoni, Firenze, Passigli Editore, 2019.

More Information

Students who do not attend classes are invited to contact personally the teacher to agree on exam syllabus and bibliography.

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