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At the end of the course, the student is expected to know the characteristics of contemporary political arenas, characterized by the presence of voters whose behaviours and choices are similar to those of consumers in the economic field. The student will be able to follow the political events of representative democracies with competence, develop personal points of view on them and intervene in discussions dedicated to them.


This course does not involve prerequisites. To better address the topics covered, a good knowledge of contemporary history is recommended, with particular reference to the period following the Second World War.


The topics covered concern the conduct of election campaigns based on the use of political marketing tools, such as segmentation, targeting and positioning.

Teaching Methods

30 hours of face-to-face lessons will be delivered.

Verification of learning

Written test in Italian, English or French, the preferred language being chosen by the candidate.
The candidate will be asked three open-ended questions to be processed in an hour and a half, with a single sheet available. Each question will be assigned a score from 0 to 10. The final mark is given by the sum of the scores obtained for each question. Honors are bestowed on the most brilliant tests.
To establish the votes, the comprehensibility of the description of events, theories and research results will be considered; the use of correct writing; the use of appropriate terminology; the ability to give a logical course to the text.


Marco Cacciotto, Il nuovo marketing politico, Bologna, Il Mulino, 2019.

More Information

Lectures are based on Power Point slides that will be made available on the teacher's web page (link: Teaching materials)
Office hours are available on the teacher’s web page:
Office hours can take place online or by telephone, by appointment to be agreed upon via e-mail.

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