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This teaching aims to provide the analytical tools to examine public policies implemented by democratic governments. At the end of the course, the student is expected to know the characteristics of the main areas of public policy, to be able to develop personal points of view on them and intervene in discussions dedicated to them.


To successfully deal with this teaching, the student must have previously acquired the basic knowledge provided in the teaching “Sistemi Politici e Amministrativi” attended during the three-year course of study.


This teaching focuses on five areas. First, the relationship between public policy and democracy will be examined. Second, the framework focusing on the public policy cycle will be proposed. Third, the different actors involved in the policy process and the policy tools will be dealt with. Fourth, the qualitative and quantitative tools used for research will be described. Fifth, three types of evaluation of public policy processes and results will be exposed.

Teaching Methods

36 hours of lectures delivered in presence.

Verification of learning

The student’s assessment is based on a written test in which three open-ended questions are proposed. The student must demonstrate that s/he has acquired the basic concepts and the typical language of policy analysis.
The exam has a duration of 90 minutes. Each answer will be assigned a score from 0 to 10. The final score of the exam will be the sum of the points obtained for each question. To pass the exam you must have obtained at least 18 points out of 30. A distinction will be given to the most brilliant exams.
To establish voting, the account will be taken of the comprehensibility of the description of events, theories and results of research; the use of correct writing; the use of appropriate terminology; the ability to give a logical style to the text.
To report a grade of not less than 18/30, the student must have acquired sufficient knowledge of the subjects and must use the language of the policy analysis without severe errors. To reach the maximum score (30/30), the student must demonstrate to have acquired an excellent knowledge of the topics covered by the questions; must use correct and appropriate language; finally, s/he must demonstrate the ability to provide concrete examples, as well as to connect the topics covered.


A. LA SPINA (2020, second edition), Politiche pubbliche. Analisi e valutazione, Bologna, Il Mulino, chapters 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9 e 10.

More Information

Lectures are based on PowerPoint slides that will be made available on the teacher's web page (link: Teaching materials)
Office hours are available on the teacher’s web page:
Office hours can take place online or by telephone, by appointment to be agreed upon via e-mail.

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