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Second Semester 
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1. Knowledge and understanding.
At the end of the course students will know the basic lines of photography history and understand its evolution from a technical and aesthetic point of view. They will know the theoretical aspects of photography and some of the most influential photographers. They will include the photographic language and the methodological tools used to analyze a photograph.
2. Applying knowledge and understanding.
They will recognize the main features of the images analyzed and will be able to place them within the reference contexts by recognizing the author. They will apply the methodological tools useful to perform a stylistic analysis.
3. Making judgements.
They will be able to make a judgment on a photographic image critically motivated - highlighting its peculiar characteristics.
4. Communication skills.
They will be able to use the terminology appropriate to the photographic language and will be able to express a critical judgment in oral or written form. They will know how to use a photographic image to communicate a message, ideas, and projects.
5. Learning skills.
They will be able to consult sources and documents in order to keep up-to-date on the acquired skills even in anticipation of master degree and any further training paths.


Basic knowledge of 19th and 20th centuries historical and artistic events.


During the course will be analyzed the following topics:
- the birth of photography and technological advances.
- The statement of some predominant genres: the photographic portrait, "the documentary style", the photojournalism.
- The relationship with painting and other visual arts: the pictorialism, the avant-gardes, Pop Art.
- The straight photography and the street photography.
- Photography as diary, as an archive, as a ballad, the staged photography.
A particular attention will be dedicated to analyze some photographic images through a stylistic viewpoint.

Teaching Methods

Traditional lectures aimed at giving an outline of the specific methodology. Analysis of a series of pictures.

Verification of learning

Oral exam.
The assessment will be done through an oral test to verify the knowledge learned and methodological tools acquired.
The oral exam will consist of no fewer than three questions relating to the program. The initial applications will focus on the broad outlines of the history of photography. The student will be able to correctly place the photographic images analyzed in the correct photographic genre.
In determining the mark will affect the following items: the mastery of the subjects, the ability to apply the acquired knowledge, terminological precision.


Bibliography: 1) Graham Clarke, La fotografia. Una storia culturale e visuale, Einaudi, Torino, 2009; 2) Roland Barthes, La camera chiara. Nota sulla fotografia, Torino, Einaudi, 2003; 3) 3) A dossier whose contents will be available at the beginning of the course. 4) Power Point presentations available online between the teaching materials.

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The date and the office hours will be announced later.

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