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Starting from an analysis of the current legal framework and the main areas of professional activity,the cours aims to stimulate students to make use of the geological and geological-technical knowledge acquired for the correct design of some civil engineering works (such as roads, dams and connected tunnels and infrastructures) according to sustainability criteria.


The student must have good knowledge in geology and structural geology; must know the theoretical bases for the mechanical behavior of soils and rocks; must know tests that allow to determine the geotechnical and geomechanical parameters.


LLegislation: The hierarchy of the sources of the Italian legislation: Constitutional Sources, Reinforced Primary Sources, Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Customs or Uses. The role of the geologist in the design, rules, competences and roles, The rules on environmental protection: Legislative Decree 152/06 Evaluations and new environmental: VAS, VIA, AIA, Contents of the geological and geotechnical report

Teaching Methods

In the case of pandemic emergency COVID-19, lectures could be given also via web streaming. For the same reason, indoor and outdoor practicals could be set on online/streaming platforms

Verification of learning

The actual acquisition by students of the expected learning outcomes will take place throughout the course: 1) During the lectures: students are asked to respond individually to questions on the topics covered. 2) During the laboratory and campaign activities, students will have to perform a practical activity individually or in groups 3) During the exercises: students are asked to apply methodological approaches for the evaluation of the operational procedures for carrying out the interventions and their priority. 4) During the final oral exam: The final exam consists in the presentation of a geological project in written form. Starting from the report, the oral exam will focus on ascertaining the student's ability to propose design alternatives appropriate to the geological context of reference. The score of the exam is assigned by a vote expressed in thirtieths.. To pass the exam (grade not less than 18/30) the student must demonstrate to have acquired a sufficient knowledge of the geological and environmental problems that can affect the various types of works, use a vocabulary appropriate to the discipline, know how to design an investigation plan in in complex geological contexts. To achieve a score of 30/30 cum laude, the student must demonstrate that he has acquired an excellent knowledge of all the topics covered during the course and have an appropriate and unexceptionable vocabulary, he must also have attended at least 90% of the lectures , laboratory and field works.


-Scesi, Papini, Gattinoni, Longoni Geologia tecnica Casa editrice Ambrosiana

Testi per approfondimenti
- González de Vallejo L.I. Geoingegneria Pearson Prentice Hall;
- Tanzini M. - La relazione geologica e geotecnica.
- Desio A. - Geologia applicata all''Ingegneria - Hoepli
- D.Coppe- Manuale pratico di Esplosivistica civile- Pei

More Information

Teaching material available to students: digital copy of the slides projected in class and possible other digital media (laws, regulations, publications on case studies, etc.)

Our University provides support to students with specific learning disorders (DSA). Those interested can find more information at the link:

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