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knowledge of the main lines of evolution of the French literature; recognizing the main literary genres and movements, by studying relevant texts and authors ans setting them in their historical and cultural contexts; critical approach to studying literary texts.
Analysis of texts in French; comparing different authors and works; basic elements of literary criticism.


General knowledge of French literature, analysis of French literary texts in their contexts.


20th-century French novel, from Proust to Oulipo.
Autobiography and fiction in late 20th-century French literature.

Teaching Methods

Lessons in classroom, mainly in French, with discussion on the subjects.
Due to Covid-19 emergency, lessons might be held in streaming and might be recorded in order to be available online.

Verification of learning

Oral exam in French and Italian during which the student should demonstrate
- knowing the selected works and placing them in their genres and historical and literary contexts
- knowing the main contents of the course, especially the main literary movements involved;
- using an appropriate terminology.


a) Three of the following novels, in French; alternative choices will have to be approved by the teacher :
Proust, Un amour de Swann; Gide, Les caves du Vatican; Breton, Nadja; Céline, Voyage au bout de la nuit ; Sartre, La Nausée; Camus, L’Étranger; Duras, Moderato cantabile; Butor, La modification; Sarraute, Tropismes; Robbe-Grillet, La jalousie; Queneau, Les fleurs bleues; Yourcenar, Mémoires d’Hadrien; Perec, Les choses; Tournier, Vendredi ou les limbes du Pacifique

b) One of the following handbooks: Il romanzo francese del Novecento, ed. by Sandra Teroni, Roma-Bari, Laterza, 2008; Dominique Rabaté, Le roman français depuis 1900, Paris, PUF, 1998; Bruno Blanckeman, Le roman depuis la Révolution française, Paris, PUF, 2011 (only the sections on the 20th century).
c) three of the following texts, in French :
Perec, W ou le souvenir d’enfance ; Sarraute, Enfance ; Duras, L’amant or La douleur ; Ernaux, La place or Une femme or « Je ne suis pas sortie de ma nuit ».
d) Il romanzo francese contemporaneo, ed. by Gianfranco Rubino, Roma-Bari, Laterza, 2012, pp. 3-11 e 89-108.

More Information

Further information will be given during the lessons.

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