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[40/42]  NURSING [42/00 - Ord. 2016]  PERCORSO COMUNE 4 32


To provide basic knowledge on epidemiology, clinic and treatment of the main mental disorders.
At the end of the course the student will learn about the epidemiology of the main mental disorders, and will receive notions on the biological, social, demographic, environmental and cultural factors that can generate disability and influence the overall state of health. Further, they will learn about the fundamental principles of global assessment of the person for the purpose of formulating the assistance plan to be implemented in the network of services for people with mental disabilities.
At the end of the course the student will have acquired the knowledge related to the taking charge, management and continuity of assistance in situations of mental disability.


Basic knowledge concerning anatomy of the nervous and endocrine system and pharmacology.
Knowledge of cultural and scientific contents and methods of medical and surgical nursing and specific skills in the preventive curative and rehabilitation
Integrated knowledge of the clinical methodology for the management of patients in the medical and surgical fields.


Introduction: concepts of mental health and mental disorder.
Epidemiological and social relevance of mental disorders.
Anxiety disorders, Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, Mood disorders, Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders, Trauma- and stressor-related disorders: etiopathogenetic, clinical and treatment aspects.
Overall organization of mental health services in Italy.
Psychological rehabilitative sciences
Discomfort and psychic disorder: general
WHO's concept of mental health
Evolution of psychiatric care
WHO mental health protection services network
Mental disorders according to DSM 5, ICD 10-11
Psychiatric nursing: Anxiety and dissociative disorders, Mood disorders: depressive disorders, Psychotic disorders, Disorders of substance abuse and new addictions, psychotraumatology, Mandatory medical treatment, Urgency and Emergency: Nursing Role.
Demographic aspects
Elderly frailty
Geriatric muldimensional assessment
Major geriatric syndomes (delirium, cognitive disorders, immobilization syndrome, balance disorders, faecal and urinary incontinence, vision and hearing deficits, malnutrition, jatrogenic and hospitalization-related disorders).
Geriatric health assistance network.

Teaching Methods

Frontal lessons and clinical cases discussion.
Frontal lessons, analysis of clinical cases and care plans.
Frontal lessons

Verification of learning

In itinere written examination at the end of each module.
Oral examination for subsequent appeals.
Students have to pass examinations planned for each discipline of the course; if passed, the final score will be the weighted mean of scores obtained; in case of a mean final score with decimal fractions, any fraction less than 0.5 will be rounded downward and any fraction greater than or equal to 0.5 will be rounded upward.
We will evaluate:
Knowledge of the topics of the program
Ability to correlate knowledge and concepts
Exhibition suitability


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Slides of the course will be available at the end of the course.
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More Information

Mirko Manchia: email; address: UOC di Psichiatria, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria di Cagliari, Via Liguria 13 09127 Cagliari, tel. 070 6096500; students are received at UOC Clinica Psichiatrica Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria di Cagliari, Via Liguria 13 09127 Cagliari. Please contact the teacher by phone or e-mail to make an appointment.

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