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31 marzo 2022


Maria Caterina Tilocca obtained a degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Cagliari, equivalent to the Degree in Environmental Engineering and Territory, in 1988. In 1994 she received her Ph.D. in Engineering of Resources of the Underdeveloped by discussing a thesis titled “About Column Flotation Technology. Experimental application to the exploitation of fluorite and barite minerals “.


Current Job Activity

At present, Maria Caterina Tilocca is a full-time researcher at the Department of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering and ING-IND / 29 Engineering Department of Industrial Engineering and Information Technology. Architecture of the University of Cagliari.

Scientific activity

His research interests concerned and cover the following topics:

Electrostatic beneficiation of Brazilian coals.

Flotation of industrial minerals (Fluorspar and Barite, coming from deposits of Sardinia) with traditional cell of laboratory and in a column flotation in pilot plant.

Flotation and coal agglomeration with traditional cell and whit the “water jet” innovative technology.

Flotation of industrial minerals (barite) in both the traditional cell and the innovative cell called “Hydrojet”.

Feasibility geotechnical and geochemical use of coal fly ash.

Vibrations, in particular, vibrations transmitted to excavator operators.

Air quality control, with particular reference to air quality in the mining industry and mineral processing plants.

Development of a database for the territorial management of industrial landfills and pollution control.

Coal recovery from waste fines of the Nuraxi-Figus coal treatment plant by selective flotation.

Recovery of graphite from exhausted electrodes coming from aluminium metallurgy.

Recovery of limestone from the Nuraxi-Figus mine treatment plant.

Study of water-coal mixtures for fuel production.

Study on techniques to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere through the mineralogical and geological storage of CO2.

Technical – economic – management of production processes with particular regard to the stone industry.

Studies on the comminution processes of the solids, using a comminution machine of original conception (HERA mill - High Energy Reduction Apparatus), in order to quantify the advantages achievable with the synergic application of the classic mechanical action of breaking carried out by the rotary crushers, with the action, on the particulate solids to be reduced, of high speed water jets.

Studies on the fine-tuning of the regulation parameters of a hydraulic cylinder-conical cyclone, to be inserted in a mineralurgical treatment plant of a coal, in order to increase the recovery of the combustible material contained in the fine waste, improving at the same time the environmental sustainability of the plant itself in relation to the reduction of the volume of waste produced by the treatment.

Studies on efficiency losses in a marble process in the Orosei basin, with the application of a quantitative metric.

Studies conducted to verify the possibility of using a prototype of a fluid jet mill, based on the principle of opposing jets, for the reduction to very fine size of a washed coal, used for energy purposes.

Research projects:

Characterization and testing of water and coal mixtures and development of a geographic information system to support the choice of sites suitable for CO2 storage.

Beneficiation of geological materials and safe disposal of dismantled mining areas. Treatment of geological, technical and security materials, excavation of waste materials.

Monitoring and control technologies for CO2 storage basins and characterization of slurry mixtures.

Reduced environmental impact methodologies for the exploitation of georisorse and the rehabilitation of contaminated sites.

Teaching activity

She has collaborated in the didactic activities of the training course and information of the head of the security service, pursuant to Legislative Decree 626/94 and 642/96, organized for 130 companies in Cagliari and the province, under a contract between DI.GITA and Consart of Cagliari in 1996.

She has been a member of the Examination Committee for the academic years 1996/1997, 1997/1998 and 1998/99 for the admission examination for the Degree in Environmental Engineering and Resources.

She has been a member of the Committee on Labor Safety and Environmental Protection, as a matter of the subject, from 1998 to 2001.

She has been collaboration to the laboratory lessons for air quality control, from the academic year 1997-98 to 2000-01.

She has been collaboration to the laboratory lessons for the mineral processing plants course since the academic year 1995-96 to 2002-03.

She has has been collaboration to the laboratory lessons for Computer Science Fundamentals for Environmental and Territorial Engineering students from academic year 2002-03 to academic year 2007-08.

Professor since the academic year 2005-06 of “Business Organization”, for the students of Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Specialized Degree.

Professor since the academic year 2007-08 of “Applied Economics”, for the students of Technologies for Recovery and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Faculty of Architecture of Cagliari, Degree.

Professor, in the academic years 2007-08, 2008-9 and 2009-10, of “Economics Applied to Engineering”, for Engineering students, Degree.

Professor in the 2008-09 and 2009-10 academic years of “Business Economics and Business”, for the students of Environmental and Land Engineering, Iglesias, Laurea.

Professor in the academic year 2010-11 of “Economics Applied to Engineering”, for the students of Engineering of the Realignment Course, Degree.

Professor in the academic year 2010-11 of the “Business Organization”, for students of Mechanical Engineering, Master Degree.

Professor in the “Soil Wash” academic year 2010 and “Treatment Processes” in the 2nd level Master in Methods and Technologies for Environmental Reclamations, AUSI – Iglesias.

Professor, since the academic year 2011-12 of “Economics and Business Organization”, for students of Mechanical Engineering, Master Degree.

Component of the College of PhD students in Geoengineering and Environmental Technologies.

Professor, since the academic year 2013-14 of “Economics Applied to Engineering”, for Engineering Students of the Degree in Environmental and Land Engineering.

Professor, since the academic year 2016-17 of the “Soil Physical Chemical Treatment” module, for Engineering Students of the Degree in Environmental and Land Engineering.

Management activity

Component of the Commission for orientation in itinere of the Council of the course of studies in Engineering for the environment and the territory;

Tutor for the Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering;

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31 marzo 2022

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