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Mariano Porcu is full professor in Social Statistics since 2014 at the University of Cagliari. There, from 2006 to 2014, was associate professor, and, from 2002 to 2006, assistant professor. Between 2000 and 2002 he worked as a researcher at the Italian National Institute of Statistics in Rome. In 2000 he gained his PhD in Applied Statistics at the University of Palermo and in 1997 the Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics & Operational research at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Essex (UK).

He teaches “Social Statistics” and “Models and Methods for the Evaluation” at the faculty of Economics, Law and Political Sciences. He also teaches Applied Statistics in University of Cagliari Master programs. In the past he taught Social Statistics and Economics Statistics.

From 2007 to 2015 he was member of the evaluation committee of the University of Cagliari where he focused his activity for the surveys on students’ evaluation of teaching.

In 2013 he has been Visiting Researcher at the University of Kentucky (USA) where he developed an on going fruitful scientific collaboration with the colleagues of the College of Educations.

His research activity is mainly addressed towards studies on the evaluation of the educational systems. Specifically, the main area of interest concerns the building up of adjusted composite indicators for the evaluations of institutional performances. The main publications in this framework apply and show the potential of latent variable modelling approaches (Latent Class Analysis and Item Response Models) and quantile regression for addressing specific research questions in educational field. In the framework of the surveys addressed to the measurement of teaching quality in students’ perception an area of interest concerns methods for missing data treatment based on Multiple Imputation Analysis. Furthermore, the determinants of graduates rates of employability has been analysed by adopting Boolean Regression models; on this framework other researchers have been addressed to the study the determinants’ of graduates entrance time to the labour market and students’ mobility. In the framework of composite indicators, he is also work on researchers related to the adjusted measures of GDP and of family well-being. He has collaborated in researches concerning the study of factors which affect the duration of marriages in Italy (investigated using quantile regression model for censored data) and the duration of the interval between marriage and first birth and interval between successive births (investigated using Segmented Regression Models for discrete data). During the time he was engaged as a researcher at the Department of Economic Statistics of the National Institute of Statistics he has worked on probabilistic models for determining the activity status of enterprises. In the past, some research activities have been also addressed in the health field and led, in collaboration with teams of medical researchers, to the publication of two works applied to urological problems.

Since 2001 he has been member of the Italian Statistical Society. He is also in the research staff of CIRD (Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Education, University of Cagliari). Since 1999 he had numerous talks (40) in conferences and workshops of international and national relevance.

He has been referee for the following journals: Statistical Methods & Applications; Quality & Quantity; Procedia Economics and Finance; Journal of Applied Statistics; Journal of the Royal Statistics Society.

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