Dipartimento di Ingegneria elettrica ed elettronica

Prof. Annalisa BONFIGLIO is associate professor of Electronics at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering – University of Cagliari (ITALY). She received the “laurea degree” in Physics at University of Genoa (ITALY) in 1991, and the PhD degree in Bioengineering at the Politecnico di Milano in 1996. In 1996 she joined the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of University of Cagliari (ITALY) as assistant professor, and from 2005 as associate professor of electronics. She teaches courses of Bioelectronics for  Biomedical Engineering students and of Physics of Electronic Devices for Electronic Engineering students. From 2012 she is the Coordinator of the Course of Studies of Biomedical Engineering.
She has been the General Coordinator of the Integrated Project EU IST-26987 PROETEX – Protection E-Textiles (2006 -2010, 12 ME, 23 partners). She has been unit coordinator of the project EU IST-231500 ROBOSKIN (2009-2012, 4,7 ME, 6 partners). She is presently unit coordinator of the projects: EU NMP– 263073 HYMEC (2010-2013, 4,1 ME, 9 partners) and  EU-IST- 611070 I-FLEXIS (2013- 2016, 5,2 ME, 9 partners). He has been responsible for other cooperation programs funded by several international agencies (LANL, American Alzheimer Association). She is currently involved in the PRIN-MIND project and is coordinating the Regional Project BIOFET (L.R. 7, 2007).

She has been appointed as Project Evaluator by the European Commission during the Vth, the VI, the VII FrameProgrammes in several research areas (Health, IST/ICT, NMP, FET).

She is among the founders of the academic spinoff Tech-On-You srl.

She is author of more than 130 papers in international journals and conference proceeding, of whom more than 80 in international journals of high impact. She also holds 6 patents in the field of Sensors/Biosensors/Organic Electronic devices.

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